Herdsmen: The Inflicter Of Sorrow Poem by Frank Adie

Herdsmen: The Inflicter Of Sorrow

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A horde of bloodthirsty herdsmen-
Are on the loose on their satanic expedition;
Ferocious, violent and bloodthirsty killer brigade,
Whom unimaginable cruelty is their stock-in-trade;
Cruelty unleashed with breath-taking unscrupulousness
Possible only when reason come under suzerainty of madness.

When vengeance is weighed on a disproportionate scale,
Men can be massacred to avenge the death of cattle;
To avenge the killing of a single cow, a mere cow,
A whole village is slaughtered, wow! Wow! ! Wow! ! !
Stomachs of gravid women are ripped open,
And innocent infants number among the fallen.

These acts of ruthlessness and savagery,
Has brought us nothing but misery;
These faceless brigands have defied arrest,
A pointer to the anarchic system that we operate;
My deepest sympathy goes to the people of Benue State;
Especially the survivals of these incessant onslaught.

Herdsmen: The Inflicter Of Sorrow
Saturday, January 6, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: terrorism
Ekwueme Kelechi 30 January 2018

A wonderful description of inhumanity. Good ink

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Chinedu Dike 08 January 2018

The arming of ignorant and trigger happy Hausa/Fulani herdsmen with automatic assault rifles, to protect their cattle that destroy farms throughout Nigeria, is an indication of the evils of continued impunity and hegemonic quest of the 'Core North'. An insightful horrifying tale expertly narrated. Thanks for sharing Frank and do remain blessed.

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Susan Williams 07 January 2018

You have not minced words in this and you unleashed the power of your moral standards on it. This scene is acted out in many ways throughout the world and it beggars the imagination how people can do such utterly savage things to other human beings. An important read.

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