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The Breeze

Invisible and yet so real,
My gentle breezy friend;
I always know you are passing by,
When the trees nod their heads.

The Prostitute's Admonition

I was a commercial sex worker
I have laid on countless beds
With my thigh spread wide for countless strangers
I enjoyed patronage from the good, the bad and ugly

The Slave

I was bought with money
I am the property of my master
He determines the course of my life
He subjects me to mindless drudgery

The Diary Of A Hero.

A husband
who loved his wife dearly.

A father

Herdsmen: The Inflicter Of Sorrow

A horde of bloodthirsty herdsmen-
Are on the loose on their satanic expedition;
Ferocious, violent and bloodthirsty killer brigade,
Whom unimaginable cruelty is their stock-in-trade;

Frank Adie Quotes

19 January 2018

"True meaning of some actions are exclusive to the actors, but such exclusiveness does not strip analyst of their liberty to insinuate".

21 January 2018

We sometimes leave our best in our past and get hopeful of a future that is full of emptiness!

22 January 2018

"That good must always triumph over evil, is an axiom that has gained universal acceptability, but have remain short of empirical substantiation"

22 January 2018

'Those who put premium on physical appearance, oftentimes realize that underneath some beautiful flowers lies a venomous snake'

Frank Adie Comments

Lantz Pierre 30 August 2017

There is some unmistakable magic to be found here. Plain spoken but still full of artifice. Honesty and imagination doing a duet. Some of the flesh has been peeled back inviting you to dip your fingers in, to taste. A certain sacrilege, a certain holy ascendancy. A train wreck you can't keep from staring at. I don't know who Frank is, but I think I may learned something about myself. A shady place to rest next to gently lapping waves while bodies are gently floated out to sea.

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