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Invisible and yet so real,
My gentle breezy friend;
I always know you are passing by,
When the trees nod their heads.

I was bought with money
I am the property of my master
He determines the course of my life
He subjects me to mindless drudgery

A husband
who loved his wife dearly.

A father

What went wrong?
That you now sing a different song?
For life we promised to ride this horse
Our oath was for better for worse

A horde of bloodthirsty herdsmen-
Are on the loose on their satanic expedition;
Ferocious, violent and bloodthirsty killer brigade,
Whom unimaginable cruelty is their stock-in-trade;

If you die before me,
Life would be a goalless adventure -
Leading to nowhere.

Surely there was standing ovation in the land of the dead,
To usher in the greatest female musician of all times;
While celebration greeted you in the underworld,
The world mourned, and bemoaned your departure.

Nothing is Free

My son,
There is so much dignity in paying your bills

We met, we slept and we had fun
I wanted you to stay, but you opted to run
I will not resort to self-pity and regret
Negative emotions are not for me to create.

Don't tell me love
Show me love
When love is verbalized I hear it
When it is acted I feel it

My smile is my charm
It makes raging nerves calm
It can quell the fiercest anger
And subdue an unfriendly stranger.

You are the diamond in my sky
The bright smile that illuminates my world
The reason I work with my shoulders high
A friend that gives me a reason to be glad.

We are all captives of this book,
This addictive called facebook.
We are fellow inmates within its walls,
We are all prisoners, we are Zucker's thralls.

Na-wao! is an ambiguous exclamation
That really deserves our recognition

It is not found in the English dictionary

Date of birth,
Date of death,
One we know;
The other we know not.

Megan Young is Miss World in the Macro world of 'us'.
You are the Miss World in my world, The Micro world of 'me'.

As the sun lights the world and Outshines every light,

'Small' is an appellation peculiar to me,
The origin of this appellation cannot be divorced from you.
They call me 'Small-Franko', because you were 'Franko'
'Big-Franko'; a 'Bigger-Franko' is what you were.

There are over five million people on a wheelchair the world over,
That you are not one of them, is God's mercy, give Him thanks.
There are a lot of people who didn't survive what kept you alive on a wheelchair
That you are alive on that wheelchair is still God's mercy, give Him thanks.

He WAS a Creator,
And IS a Creator.

He WAS a Healer,

I toil all day just to make ends meet
And come home tired and weak
I climb my bed in loneliness
Without you to warm me up

The Best Poem Of Frank Adie

The Breeze

Invisible and yet so real,
My gentle breezy friend;
I always know you are passing by,
When the trees nod their heads.

When will you stop to shake my hand?
And reveal your faceless face?
You pass my way every now and then,
In your peculiar feline pace.

Heat boasts when you go to sleep,
In a brash and brazen way;
Then you surface to make me kip,
In a soft and soothing way.

Your joy is just a gentle wind,
That cuddles and caresses my skin;
Your anger is a violent blizzard,
That wreaks havoc like a brakeless train.

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Lantz Pierre 30 August 2017

There is some unmistakable magic to be found here. Plain spoken but still full of artifice. Honesty and imagination doing a duet. Some of the flesh has been peeled back inviting you to dip your fingers in, to taste. A certain sacrilege, a certain holy ascendancy. A train wreck you can't keep from staring at. I don't know who Frank is, but I think I may learned something about myself. A shady place to rest next to gently lapping waves while bodies are gently floated out to sea.

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Frank Adie Quotes

"True meaning of some actions are exclusive to the actors, but such exclusiveness does not strip analyst of their liberty to insinuate".

We sometimes leave our best in our past and get hopeful of a future that is full of emptiness!

"That good must always triumph over evil, is an axiom that has gained universal acceptability, but have remain short of empirical substantiation"

'Those who put premium on physical appearance, oftentimes realize that underneath some beautiful flowers lies a venomous snake'

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Frank Adie Popularity

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