Heritage For My Birth Town Poem by Hasan Haskovic

Heritage For My Birth Town

To rewind back to a stronger child
Raised by the words of others and the streets
Stronger and more undaunted
Then a heart that grew no stronger from defeats

It is where the eyes meet the sky
Torn apart by plains exiled into grace
That worry never seems to die
Where the rain-clouds never pick up their pace
Where your heritage is made of a last goodbye

Born on the stories set in the street
Before empty buildings and ruins
In which flowers grew from the concrete
Just like despair on my tongue

An outcry
To those who swore their last devotion
And stayed instead of leaving
Left behind to days which inspire somber emotion
Worry, wonder and constant believing
That the rain will pass
Make not the same mistake as me
End it with 'Begone' pared with 'Be strong'
Be free and move on
Towards a better man

Maybe they never left me at all
It could have been me all along
So I could catch up with my younger self
Mention it when I feel like I don't belong
To this place, which I could never leave

Mentioned not after the virtues
Of our ancestors, our old ways
But after the faults of their heritage
Which came with these darker days

The Cross and the Moon
Stirring up the sea of old debris
The chaise after supremacy
Over a new youth and their legacy
To take down the future that lingers

To space out the mistakes addressed to crossroads
And to daydream about the farewells
To linger past the darkness in which my heart erodes
Make not the same mistake as me
End it with 'Be good' pared with 'Begone'
Be free and move on
Towards a better man

As I wait for truth on a better day
No matter what the end
I'm the only one who will always stay
To see if sunlight finds a way

Stand by my side, wait and see
Or begone like everyone else
Leave the task to me

Leave, and be free

Hasan Haskovic

Hasan Haskovic

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
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