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! Hertes Academie (A Metaphysical Exercise)

Rating: 2.4

My mistress’ bedde, my wylling scholeroom is,
where I do lerne my eager pupille’s taske;
her scorns, her prayse, to me as equalle are;
her swete chastisement, alle thatte I may aske;

In her anatomie, I lerne newe worldes;
I am Columbus, sayling to strange shores,
fynde alle thynges newe; I am as one fresshe-taughte;
nought of our schyppe to speke of myne or yours;

Whanne infants, we are all shored safelie uppe
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Michael Shepherd 16 March 2007

A note about this poem: though we write poetry in the present, drawing on the past, and to create the future, don't we sometimes feel that we want to express some greatness within us, but feel constricted by the common language of the present time? For me, writing in the style of the past is like a museum come to life, a privileged glimpse into the mindscape of the past.. even its variant spellings can make words seem freshly-minted. (Don't we all remember Chaucer's 'younge fresshe folk'...?) . I'd recommend this practice occasionally to those who love the poetry of the past, and what it addressed in human life under the gaze of eternity.

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