! Metaphor Poem by Michael Shepherd

! Metaphor

Rating: 2.7

A pretty girl
is like a simile
and vice-a-versa
so I'd say
for like the sunlight it
delights our so prosaic day

and life is better for
a metaphor
when apposite
to what you write

the first I used
that made some sense
came out of childish

before I read
the word in prose
I thought that what
just goes and goes

was 'dire rear' -
not too bad
as an idea
for a nappy-happy lad?

Lamont Palmer 08 June 2005

Nice little piece of music, Michael.

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Jasbir Chatterjee 23 December 2015

I like the way you start this poem, A pretty girl is like a simile/ and vice-a-versa...

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Michael Shepherd 07 June 2005

oh yes, for our US readers - 'for a pampered lad'... (did you know it is the most common international word?)

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Poetry Hound 07 June 2005

I think I like this poem, Michael. I definitely like the first part. Then I got a little lost, but I liked the imagery and flow anyway.

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Rogelio Guillermo 10 October 2017

He's got one of the best poems I read... wonder why he is still a rookie?

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Ruth Walters 26 April 2023

'dire rear' feels like the bottom is falling out of your world; o) . Loved this little poem, very clever and funny, a pleasure to read.

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Craig Moses Uche 29 December 2021

really funny and interesting poem, i love it honestly _ please take time to read my poem 'Let's Grow up together'

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ANKWASA HARLORD 28 December 2019

Add a comment.I really enjoyed your talent keep it up

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Soran M. H 27 December 2019

well done great piece of work, thank you for sharing this amazing feeling +++++10

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Winebar 24 November 2018

Is it a poem? Seems like a.collection of phrases picked from the air and typed into collective column.

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Michael Shepherd

Michael Shepherd

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