Hey Leaf On Another Tree Poem by Sarah Mkhonza

Hey Leaf On Another Tree

Listen you! Leaf on another tree!
For the reason that here on our tree
Squirrels spit on us and wag their tails
Tell me what it is like over there.
I am sick of them eating acorns and
Messing up above me. I am planning
A revolt if this does not stop. The fellows
Out here have no fire in them.
They take this lying down. What do you say?

Hey you over there! Do you know what
Happened in a garden long ago when
A snake like you started a revolution?
It started a fire that is coming this way
Because the wind would not stop
Blowing. You talk that out and not start
A fire for one carelessly thrown cigarette
Falling out of the mouth of
One drunk burnt a large forest in the

You are chicken, what does that
have to do with these squirrels?
I am planning to help this poison ivy
To grow and twine on this branch near me.
Want some?

Only if you will let the birds bring it.
I have no qualms with squirrels for
They are as clever as their bushy
Tails. I can just enjoy having a
Laugh when that poison ivy gets them to
Scratch and dance in a frenzied madness.

Oh! So you like to dance? When the
Wind blows dance a jig for us. We
All would love to see that. Just make
Sure it is not raining for we will all
Be getting drunk and not see when
The lightening strikes. How sad that would be.

You always look on the negative side of
Things. Why not think of fairies coming
To woo us so that ours becomes a palace
And you onlookers become our servants?

Don't start! We will be princes and use
You as ferns that keep the heat away.
That is how this inequality thing started.
One human decided he was a king and
Others started bowing. We cannot
Have that here. We are Americans!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: life,revolution ,sharing
Definitely life in Palo Alto is about squirrels with bushy tails and acorns and leaves on a tree planted by the Great Spirit. LOL
Laurie Van Der Hart 17 January 2017

Hi! This is a leaf on another tree... Thanks for this playful and thought-provoking poem. Will have to read it a few times to see if I really get it, but I just wanted to say I enjoyed your approach and ideas. By the way, I like squirrels, but I have wondered if they have an evil streak in them - used to bombard us with pine cones on our way to school...

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