Him Poem by yabadabadoo


Rating: 3.0

How can one person have such a hold on me?
If i had the key i would gladly unlock the chains keeping me to him,

Never have i cried a happy tear for him,
i fear i never will.
Never have i touched his cheek with delicate love,
but i never will.
never has his breath grazed my hair,
It never will.

I scream for his arms to inclose around me,
But he never hears,
so they never will.
Never will his eyes lock with mine with 1\10 of the passion i have hidden within me for him,
Never will we stand together,
Keeping one another safe from the cold pain of the world.

But too many times have i choked a cry of anguish for him,
To many times have my tears carved paths in my cheeks for him,
Too many deep cuts have i made for him alone.

So this is my plea,
my beg,
Release me from your grip,
Untie the ropes that bind my soul,
Either let me go or take my hand and embrace my love,
for the pain is to great,
the cold to harsh
Please don't walk away oblivious to my corpse you have left behind.
Don't leave me now,
Don't leave me ever.
For if you do,
i will hide from the wold,
until i die
Still forever loving you.

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