At Night Poem by yabadabadoo

At Night

Each night before i fall into the depths of sleep,
I pray,
Not to God,
Not for health.
But for Dreams.
I pray that you will be given for the night.
I know you are not mine in daylight so i will sleep.
I used to hate sleeping.
Because that was when the nightmares would attack.
Flashbacks and fast forwards of my life.
But now I am blessed with you at night.
A kiss or a simple hand to hold.
Given as a gift from the gods.
I know i should stop tempting myself,
You see me as a friend
Not a lover.
But when i am unconscious I cant tell myself it isn't real.
In the morning the pain arrives again,
I overhear your conversation with her and I die inside.
Dragging my feet to make it through the day,
Waiting for my bed,
My safety zone with no prying tears or talking friends.
So i can trick myself with hope for one more day.

Obinna Eruchie 24 May 2009

always think of the light shining upon you, and providing you protection, as you go to sleep.

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Eddie Roa 11 January 2009

Hi! , I’m Eddie Roa and I just got in to this website. By chance I came across your name in the list of poets and read some of your works. I have posted some of my poems today and yesterday. My style ranges from light to dark poetry (modern enough but not postmodern) and some Japanese verse forms like haiku, senryu and tanka. I hope you will bother to check out my work. Thanks and happy writing.

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James Mclain 03 December 2008

Once you control your dreams you can do anything....

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