Bipolar Tears Poem by yabadabadoo

Bipolar Tears

My love is so strong,
For me to live,
You must be happy.
When you smile with her part of me smiles,
But the other part cuts deep to relieve the feelings.
My self mutilation is a small price to pay for being near you,
Even if your not mine.
My tears are bipolar,
Sad for me,
Glad for you.

When your touch is too far i grow cold,
And i turn up my Ipod to silence my mind.
I don't let you know how i feel because i know how YOU feel.
It is enough for me to occasionally look into your eyes,
For your hand to brush mine,
For out heads to be alined so that a kiss could be received.
Even if it never happens,
If WE never happen.
I will still love you.
As long as your close,
i will jump without a net,
Just to feel the wind in my hair,
And pray to god that you will be their to catch me.

Obinna Eruchie 24 May 2009

the voice needs to see the Light to get over that feeling.

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Ernest Lee Clary 17 December 2008

JESUS MOLLY! I hope you dont really feel the pain expressed in your poems.I get the impression Jesus wants your love. Walk with him.

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