~ His[s]tory ~ Poem by MS. NIVEDITA BAGCHI SPC. UK.

~ His[s]tory ~

Rating: 4.4

History Maker ~ Fossilized Custodian
History Breaker ~ Reckless Bohemian
History Reformer ~ Abortive Artisan
History Seeker ~ Obsessive Varifocalian
History Writer ~ Hyperbolic Historian
History Critique ~ Diplomatic Confucian
History Reader ~ Befuddled Bookman.

Better Opt For ~ Gymnastic Geography
Enjoy Floor Exercise ~ In Poetry.

Won’t You?

If Not Check Cervical Spine
For Etiology Of Vertigo Sign.

Glossary: Humbly given for what I tried to express: ~
Varifocalian: Metaphorically used relating to a lens that is graduated to permit any length of vision between near and distant.

Tami Alshamsi 23 April 2011

great poem I loved it I look your description to the history good work

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Sisirachandra Vaduge 08 March 2011

History explorer never beleave what others say other than he himself find evidence, Short poem with a vast area of infomation, best wishes,

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Jenny Gordon 08 March 2011

Niv, you are delightful! This is amusing and fascinating. I like your perspective thus, on history! Excellent! Too fun.

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Rekha Mandagere 30 March 2011

There is a history of History in your beautiful poem.You really made us know that history is something more than the record of the past by exploring its horizon.

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Saju Abraham 11 March 2011

Very interesting take on historians! I really liked the 'befuddled bookman'. You're right about staying with floor exercise in poetry. Don't dare go into cervical spine. Enjoyed reading this one. Out of the ordinary!

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Indeed a good poem includes anatomy, physiology, pathology, biochemistry of His[s]tory This extra 's' perhaps to give emphasis to hiss of serpents as war history [which includes max] is full of Hiss and Hush Thanks for sharing. Keep it up Regards

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Adeline Foster 15 June 2012

I take it you are the 'History Reader'. Forgive me if this is above my head, somehow the English misses the mark for me, although the title is intriguing. Read mine - A Writer's Delimma - Adeline

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Wow! His[s]tory..hissing of troy [An ancient city in Asia Minor that was the site of the Trojan War]...in the name irony 'History Critique ~ Diplomatic Confucian' ~ any hint on confusion? ... Good write and pleasant reading 10

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Katang Chakravorty 24 May 2012

Its History of History as commented by Rekha...I agree with But the flavor and texture is poetically palatable Before last stanza poet prescribed for Gymnastic Geography for Vertigo satire with poetic calorie Thanks for a good poetry

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'...History Seeker ~ Obsessive Varifocalian...' Excellent metaphor as poet wrote... Slices History the Seekers may be reach No Where Its like History of History as Poet Rekha commented Good write...keep it up Thanks sharing

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