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History's Worst Nightmare - Poem by ArmourQuill Hunter

History repeats itself, Nebuchadnezzar, Hitler, Hussein,
Is this the “mystery of Babylon” coming back again and again?
Thus that “Mother of Prostitutes” that seduces and gains a church? !
Interesting how she makes 'bad look so good and evil look worse.'

Though good can seem protected by evil for a larger plot or scheme.
Powers of darkness behind it all- “to control subtly” every thing.
Prophecy foretold in stages seen as history's puzzle picture-frame.
The Mafias controls governments; some by occultic imminent domain!

Stars seduce the media while the economy rocks foundations to wane.
Drugs, sex, and gambling taking it's toll as teens are going insane.
Justice tossed in the streets; there’s no loyalty anywhere to be found.
Wisdom cries on deaf ears, for discipline and true-ones aren’t around.

Thus, corruption's in high places, spawned by Sectarian-seeds produce.
People get out-of-the-road; the Anti-Christ spirit is on the loose!
Virtue is victimized with disdain while abusers are slapped-on-hand.
Aren't there any gallant of Arthur’s court, in this God-forsaken-land?
This vicious cycle festers, still fostering more violence in vain.
Psychopathic 'narcissism' goes undetected, for institution's shame.

Millions in the valley of decision, with not a worry bout their souls.
Watch the Cashless Society come in with 3-digit marks for control.
A world's religion, Jezebel’s beast, repeating Nebuchadnezzar's page.
Hussein thinks he's Nebuchadnezzar returned, wanting Hitler’s gauge.
After the kings of earth do-away with cash, Hell will be man's game.
Is it not becoming that way now, with identity issues of one's name?

A Peace Treaty will seduce the Jews by proverbial world Superman.
Foolish virgins of church are left behind in darkness of Shadowland.
Violence, greed, everywhere; now kids betray folks for their sins.
Hitler's methods will be nothing when this Monster of power begins.

Woe to the envious born rebellious and 'woe to the 'deceived.'
Woe to those who spoil the innocent, horrifically, for greed.
This lot will mock 'The Holy One of Israel' daring God to shame.
Faithful Martyrs will be delivered up, as sport for their fame.

People are numbers now anyway; but then all must take the Mark.
Pity ministers who didn’t keep their lamps filled from the start!
One’s who cry for Justice are blessed with great power to run.
Lots of bribes will be taken, allowing the wicked false liberty.
The innocent will be locked away “for callous greed and vanity.”

Unfortunately virtue is rewarded by death, for deviates revelry.
God will make that seeing-man blind and the foolish-Blind to see.
Light's come to the world but man loves darkness for their deeds.
He who does evil hates Light and will not come to The Light.
There's away that seems right, but that end is of Death's night.

None is greater than their master; Redeemer's love-slave I'll be.
Once I was tall, a Tree of pride, now I reside by Calvary's sea.
Like the Master, to his servant, like the Shepherd to his lamb;
As a king over masters, Christ is the Answer the King 'I-AM.'

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, April 26, 2006

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