Home Alone Poem by Myra Jefferson

Home Alone

I'm building this house to my own specs
It's mine, all mine last time I checked
I'm the one who lives here, you're only a guest
I determine the time, I determine the day
You can come when I invite you, you must leave when I say
Your bullying tactics don't work anymore
Follow my house rules or find your way to the door
These windows are mine, I can see out just fine
I happen to like rose-tinted blinds
I can open or close them whenever I choose
Whatever I see is from my point of view
What I happen to notice does not concern you

I'm building this house, I'm my own architect
I'll change the blueprint, I don't care who objects
Throw my plans in a closet, or file them away neatly
Follow through with each one, or neglect them completely
It's perfectly correct to assume I'm the one occupying all the rooms
So I can wallpaper all day and paint through the night
Rearrange or start over, I've got that right
I can leave open spaces or put up partitions
No one has to approve if I add some additions
This is not an apartment, a duplex or a flat
I'm not a conjoined twin, single birth and that's that

Esther Leclerc 12 June 2006

'I happen to like rose-tinted blinds' - you go, woman! Esther : ]

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Myra Jefferson

Myra Jefferson

Detroit, Michigan
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