Mister Jim Poem by Myra Jefferson

Mister Jim

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Mr. Jim I remember him
What made me think about Mr. Jim?
All the brothers that don't have a clue
But not Mr. Jim, he knew what to do
When work was scarce and he couldn't punch the clock
Mr. Jim went down to the dock
Unloading all day was no small feat
But a labor of love so his family could eat

When grandma was sick and couldn't perform
Mr. Jim went on like it was the norm
He loved her, and changed her, and caressed her brow
Mama said it was incredible how
He made grandma laugh in spite of her pain
And stayed by her side with nothing to gain
With another man's children, most men wouldn't bother
But he wasn't a step, he was really a father

He was called Mr. Jim, but granddaddy to me
With no fear or shame, I sat on his knee
When we walked downtown to get tennis shoes
Which ones should I get? The red, white, or blues?
The choice is obvious, don't you see?
Little Red, I think you deserve all three
The longer I live, the more men I meet
But none of them can ever compete
With Mr. Jim

Graham Jones 24 February 2006

what a lovely poem to write about someone, he must have been close to your heart and would be proud of you, well done.

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Myra Jefferson

Myra Jefferson

Detroit, Michigan
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