Hook, Drop And Sink'er Poem by Julia Luber

Hook, Drop And Sink'er

Rating: 5.0

The gruff warmth that they know nothing about.
Body heat like the sun cocooned in a kind of demonstrative
of action and habit somehow smoothing from seldom understood
sanctuary of sensualism and addiction. Somehow holy: the bottom
line of life.
Redundant with an indulgence of being human-that that's all life is.
Giving in to our impulses, sometimes no matter how wrong:
like a baby crying, howling, crying, howling, crying, howling.
As if the Big Bad Wolfe is near and doing more than looming fairy tales
about itself, about wisdom.
They operate this machine by a different semantic. They do not want to
accommodate you in anyway. They only want to contaminate what you
have loved, where you have loved, and whatever strength and power
it ever left you with.
To Love and Be Loved in a way they had no interest in towards you.
And only used you like a coconut to crack, and drink the juicy
blood out of. Don't think of them when you think of love.
They don't know what it means. But are out to make their
defenitions dominant. Hook, Drop, and Sink'Er.

Saturday, July 20, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: love and dreams
Dr Dillip K Swain 20 July 2019

I find the first line of your last stanza as the kernel of this wonderfulwork! Well penned......10

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Jane Campion 20 July 2019

A poem thank sinks the feelings called love. Some interesting and well structured lines.

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Julia Luber 20 July 2019

I like that a lot- I wasn't sure as to why the word and feeling of 'sinking' happened while writing this nor why I thought of Hook, Drop and Sink'Er but you have explained perfectly why- thank you.

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