A Single Mistake Poem by Julia Luber

A Single Mistake

Rating: 4.6

It almost feels like that one time you make a mistake, actually
exhausts all the perfection you so carefully masterminded before:
as if it all the trance in good and right existed only for a build up
for that one mistake to take more from you, to hurt more, to exploit
more of what good and right you've done.

It's like whomever and whatever benefits out of that one mistake,
gets to use layers and layers and exactitude and perfection all in its
brutal and unforgivable favor. As if all your right and good only existed
to reenforce and stregthen and empower whatever it is that benefits
from your mistakes.

That's what it feels like. Even once analyzed. Even once dissected.
That's how awful what is happening can be sometimes.
As if it all exists solely for what terror and evil benefits out of that
one awful and avoidable mistake. And that it was avoidable, that you
had even felt your mind go through some acrobatics at another point
in its prevention, that you knew you had to protect yourself against it:
makes it (the wrong)that much more empowered, that much more enabled,
that much more excruciating.

And it's over knowing that no, you can not afford to make even a single mistake.
Because you will lose all that you worked for before that.
And all the power of the good will be instantaneously vacuumed up
and exhausted and poisoned and contaminated by that benefitting evil.

Sunday, July 7, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: miscellaneous
I made a terrible mistake that I have so many times known could happen, but I made the mistake again, ruining my day, my poetry, and my bank account.
Michael Walker 22 July 2019

I feel deep and lasting guilt and self-reproach when I make a major mistake, which will always happen, no matter how prudent I am. Lately, I have thought much more carefully before acting on a decision There is considerable psychological depth in your poem, and tin he very concept of making mistakes.

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Julia Luber 22 July 2019

Thank you for reading and responding. True that mistakes are complicated and we change in their influence throughout our lives, thinking more about a bad decision from long years ago than what we put into that decision in terms of mental consciousness in anyway.

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C F 07 July 2019

Forgive yourself as many others have learned to forgive themselves and still able to recover. Your poetry has not suffered ….10+

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Rob Lamberton 11 December 2022

I've had my life turned upside down by a mistake. I resonate with much in this poem. Appreciate its expression! ! Thank you!

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Dr Antony Theodore 21 September 2019

And it's over knowing that no, you can not afford to make even a single mistake. Because you will lose all that you worked for before that. true it is. but gain energy and power to show others you are a great person.. thanku. tony

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A B Faniki 07 August 2019

Thank for spreading the wealth- knowledeg is wealth. Yap one mistske can take away ones glory.

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Akhtar Jawad 02 August 2019

A single mistake leads to a series of mistakes, a thoughtful poem.

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Julia Luber 02 August 2019

my fearful point

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Xelam Kan™ 27 July 2019

dried leaves of just bloomed flower...

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Julia Luber 27 July 2019

enigmatic response….interesting

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