House On A Cliff Poem by Louis Macneice

House On A Cliff

Rating: 3.3

Indoors the tang of a tiny oil lamp. Outdoors
The winking signal on the waste of sea.
Indoors the sound of the wind. Outdoors the wind.
Indoors the locked heart and the lost key.

Outdoors the chill, the void, the siren. Indoors
The strong man pained to find his red blood cools,
While the blind clock grows louder, faster. Outdoors
The silent moon, the garrulous tides she rules.

Indoors ancestral curse-cum-blessing. Outdoors
The empty bowl of heaven, the empty deep.
Indoors a purposeful man who talks at cross
Purposes, to himself, in a broken sleep.

sharon 08 December 2019

alone is the greatest pain and han to discover that no one really believes me or what / no point in making a point

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Ratnakar Mandlik 11 July 2016

Fantastic flight of imagery with equally fantastic style of presentation. Thanks for sharing it here.

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Susan Williams 11 July 2016

That was very original and very well-done

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Aremo Abiodun Best 11 July 2016

hmmmm refreshing and heart warming

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Edward Kofi Louis 11 July 2016

The silent moon! Seeing to the ways of life. Thanks for sharing.

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