How Could I Love Her More?

I have one heart, I have one mind, one spirit and one soul
And yet today, of all Mankind, I seek to play a role...
The chance to stand before my love, declaring all I seek,
With hope my love may prove enough, not common, but unique...
Enough to bless my love each day, enough to make her smile,
Such that I thank God when I pray, as she walks down the aisle,
For on that wedding day to be, the day I say, 'I DO..'
She looks at me, for all to see, then she says, 'I DO..' too.
Else all is lost, my hopes are done, my dreams to melt and fade...
All future years are lost not won, no children could be made...
No family could we then share, no joys ahead in time,
No birthdays blessed beyond compare, no Christmases sublime...
My fate rests with the one I love, the children yet to be,
I pray she finds my love enough, when I ask, 'Marry me...'

Denis Martindale March 2018.

This is my poem for the 2,500 mark
on the poemhunter poetry website.

How Could I Love Her More?
Tuesday, March 20, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: birthday,christmas,family,marriage,romance,true love