How Hard Is It To Just Say I'M Sorry? Poem by Gulliver Gimble

How Hard Is It To Just Say I'M Sorry?

I have waited for you to say hello.
My poem about it has shown little interest.
The anger has been tossed away like yesterdays wilted salad.
Yet, the time must still be hard to find.
Or could it be selfish pride?
The realization that for once, you were wrong.
Don’t worry; I’ve been like this before as well.
My throat has hurt from swallowing words and pride.
It would be nice for genuine sun to shine my way.
O’my poor way….lol…that was rich!
For someone to make fun of your faults is terribly sad.
For someone to ignore that you have them is worse.
It shows that they don’t, won’t and are not going to understand
something for which they don’t have to deal with.
I understand this now and see no silver lining.
But, nobody ever put it face first to begin with.
People who put it face first tend to have the; It’s all about me attitude.
Something I never knew I had or even wanted.
I’ll have to check into that.
Events are coming up, big events for those who want it to be.
I’m sure many will just pass it by as just another summer day.
This time it’s not just about me, and never will again.
It can’t be when you start your own family, right?
To think I might just get a simple hello and good-bye.
It seems rather distant and choking.
My shoulder has been their for you many days,
many phone calls and several tears along the way.
Never have I asked for anything, maybe once when
rent was due, we had to go elsewhere.
How hard is it to just say I’m sorry?

Blue angel Florida 26 July 2007

I loved the way you write, refreshing and insightful. Thank you! By the Way, I'm sorry, I'm Sorry, I'M SORRY TOOO :) I've heard once: ' Just go and hit, You won't know why you are doing it, but he will know '

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