Human Dracula Poem by V P Mahur

Human Dracula

In this world of modernity
The worst curse is poverty
A poor often thought to be
A blur on the high society

For the wealthy assume that
The world is their monopoly
And the poor down trodden
Is for them unwanted tragedy

But who has made the poor
It is unjust indiscrimination
That gave birth to poverty
And all the social alienation

You cannot become a rich if
You don’t know how to suck
The blood of simple fellows
To let them to ground stuck

Composed on March 04 2014

It is a socially concerned poem on poverty and it is beautiful.

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Valsa George 04 March 2014

There is clear distinction between the rich and the poor. It is not the mistake of anyone to be born poor and it is the duty of every rich man to share a little of his fortune with the poor and the marginalised. But man's excessive greed and selfishness do not permit him to part with anything, once wealth has lawfully or unlawfully come to his hands! But we cannot blindly defend all the poor... as at least some of them land in their plight through sheer laziness and misconduct. In the same way, we cannot defame all the rich as human draculas as many of them earn wealth through hard work and thoughtful planning! .... Any way I understand your moral indignation..... A powerful write!

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Tirupathi Chandrupatla 04 March 2014

The struggle of the poor always continues. In a democratic set up there may be a chance to choose at election time hopefully.

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Gajanan Mishra 04 March 2014

very fine expression, I like it, thanks.

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V P Mahur

V P Mahur

Siyana (UP) , Bulandshahr, India
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