V P Mahur Poems

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Why It Is Pen Drive

Pen drive is your name
But you don’t look like
A pen in any way
There is not a single thing

Rain Lovely Rain

Comes from the dark cloud
That makes a noise loud

Colors Of Love

Love is a joy
Higher than a mountain peak
Love is a sorrow
Deeper than an ocean streak

A Baby’s Apprehension

I see my parents and others
Walking, talking and doing
So many things and bothers
Why so helpless is my being

A Blast

Two lovers
On the beach
Under the showers

Man Vs Nature

The survival of man
Entirely depends on Nature
For, first came Nature
Then came man

Power Of Youth

When united is our youth
Every hurdle, every obstacle
Every path becomes smooth

Birth Of Ozone Layer

When this vast universe was being created
The earth felt zealous, enthusiastic and excited
She was not only thankful, grateful to the creator
But pleasantly proud of her unique treasure

What You Do

You come into my eyes
Like a dream of angels
You drop from my eyelids
Like the leaves of orchids

Incomplete Picture

How can I draw your picture
For you appear
On my heart’s screen
Creating variety of scene

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