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Blossoming far on faint horizon,
Hope in its fake material realm,
In the thoughts hidden dimension,
Of virtual imagery macrocosm;

It is your company in solitude I treasure,
Those are the imaginative moments of pleasure;
I long to be within your majestic universe ever,
To seek the creative bliss beyond measure;

Every morning in the deep woods of the concrete jungle
With my near and dear ones I sing a coarse musical,
Humans raise from their good night sleep with a frown of unpalatable
They call me ‘Crow’ and express their acerbity with a scowl,

Jealousy haunts golden lily,
Watching the riverside lady,
Angelic ebullient eyes unwary
Of the orchids stare and envy;

Wild forests, mountain range
Deep sea and Virgin Island
Habitat of exquisite species distinct
Gradually on the verge to extinct

Squatting on street with vegetable for sale
Watching power and money in ugly play,
My mother fell ill one cloudy day,
To save my mother I prayed and prayed,

First shimmering light I arose
Seeing a bunch of lovely rose;
Sun smiling through the window
Over the trees dangling bough

Tiny town on the coast of ‘Canara’
Like a silent beauty sleeping in slumber
Scenic contours untouched by recent era
In virgin ghats of Anshi, Shirve and Jamba

Quest of dreams in old tale,
Of towering ideals once heard,
Lost in the ceaseless time travel,
Dreams turning stale and cold,


Beyond the distant shores of seven seas,
Her sparkling smiles still in my memory,
I hear her whisper in the morning breeze,
Like melodious tunes of whispering bee;

You are there I can see, you are there I can see
Smiling at me with the cool morning breeze,
Those pink wet lips, taunting me as if I can feel,
Making me believe you love me more than I feel.


Sighting her in opposite mirror
Like a boundless poetic mirage
Finding no words I surrender
To the beauty unfolding its image

Bangle, bangle bangle yeh!
Come, see and buy for ye-
With colors of dreams, in store,
I came with motley bangles and more;

Air water and fire
Are within us to ire
Under ‘it', ' I' and the ‘upper I'
Devoid of reason and desire


Traveling in the passage of time,
With youthful dreams divine,
After relentless endeavor to shine,
Waning without a lifeline.

Sitting in her torn draped old cotton sari,
In front of her thatched roof hut tired and weary,
Watching those trees accompanying from her vivid memories,
She often narrated stories of ghosts from one of those haunted trees,

This world has various thoughts of school,
Truth, honesty were taught to me in school,
With honour they were the ones I chose;
And the life told me I will loose,

Birth from mother’s womb,
Blessed with heavenly bloom,
Signalling arrival where I belong,
With sorrow and sometimes a song.


Raven wings spread in air
Engulfing in cloud of despair
The tiny delicate soul
In darkness of wisdom lore

Acquaintances are many
On street, buses speak to any
Watch out they are not uncanny
Only to pastime during journey

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Author of 8 books out of which one is a collection of poetry. Author of two language in two forms of literature. 1.Sale of Souls-Novel 2.? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? -Novel Kannada 3.Cricket is my religion-Novel 4.? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? -Novel Kannada 5.I also want to fall in love-Novel Kannada 6.? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? -Novel 7.Beyond wild blue yonder-Poetry 8.? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? -Poetry kannada ************************************** Check out for details on available on; https: // ref=hl)

The Best Poem Of Vidyadhar Durgekar

! Illusion

Blossoming far on faint horizon,
Hope in its fake material realm,
In the thoughts hidden dimension,
Of virtual imagery macrocosm;

Deceptive celluloid human face,
Pretending unnatural spiritual farce,
Fake friendship tempting to be true,
Covering with veil of values scarce;

Living Life in reckless haste,
On a shadowy grinding stone,
With apparent hopes, fluid as paste,
Under influence of wasteful clone;

Truth mundane is absolute apparent,
Believing unpretentiously sacrosanct,
Searching deep with spiritual penance,
Finding void in flesh and skeleton tenant;

Hypocritical opportunity thunder,
Pouring in life’s chance showers,
Decorating the delicate soul under,
With a fictitious Rainbow cover;

Resigning to devout faith and trust.
Following essence of divine light,
To lead virtuous life without waste,
Under metaphysical life’s pseudo twist;

Vidyadhar Durgekar Comments

Hemanta Naik 24 March 2008

New Poet is born in the southern India. Poetry is part of our culture. Vidydhar is doing fantastic with his emotions to flow freely. Wish him all the good for his poetic life and his creative poetry.

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C. P. Sharma 24 December 2008

You sing songs from Pelican heights In them you fill colours so bright From there your soul you pourout Distilled wisdom from them sprout. CP

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Sivan P.G Menon 12 July 2008

vidya.. jealousy.. is it feminine'...? ? ? ? can beauty arouse...jealousy..? from time eternal.... a very 'contentious human element.. sketched with ease..spinkled with..nature'... good expressions.. Sivan PG Menon

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Sivan P.G Menon 12 July 2008

first exposure to your poems.. Intriguing.. highly philosophical...mystic.. chosen /careful diction it's worth a re read.. & recollection.. thanks..let the flow continue..

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Sílvia Oliveira 19 April 2008

Hi Viddy! (if I may make your name shorter) Poems in the form of a tribute are very emotional, they do not need necessarily obbey any technique as the most important is the 'spirit' they are intended to convey! Congrats from Brasil!

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Sílvia Oliveira 26 March 2008

vidyadhar, your 'destiny' inspires me rhymes and music...thanks your making your poetry known so deeply around this world... from brasil

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