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Humanity Vanishes - Poem by Michael Walkerjohn

* *** ****** ********* IAM words around my navel like little monkeys’ slinking through the insecurity of; imaginary telephone conversations… maybe… humanity is as surely between faith and faithlessness won in the prison of this earthly bow and skein pharmaceuticals’ stopping slowly… each and every flow of thought towards progress in the nature of the each and everyone that is of US…this day and each is that imprisoning an all poisoning and all neutering of men that do not blend into the social mix... that is not longer of men… because all of the men… are truly dead and gone way... far away… to the battle which is over all of US… as the youthful fall of flesh begins anew in... the wicked minds of the few… who fear the masses, who fear the masses, who fear their own asp’s... shadow… The common man’s mark… the calloused finger… the dot upon the brow, and... then a command of shoot to kill… and a reflection of an instant… when a paid one... a single mind changed by some words read on this site; say what! Urban feet, an uprooted creed… a spoiled and rotten sea or pod and seed enough for any fool to feed upon… odd; roots or boots or fellows, key’, or cello’ or “Yellow Submarines” and rounds and rounds and, and more and more rounds grinding flesh Indo-Swiss Chard! Beings courteous weave one’s apprehensions tease as a world is unwound and mortally wounded so soon! Swooning ballooning bee’ all bobbing apples feeling the monkey daze and every body is tased or not, butt snot surely is slick as snot is so slick as the thought of one’s Fates… joining into the present terse tense turning three hundred and sixty degrees of spin… entangling you’re insecurities; at 04: 00 hours or maybe not disease and at ease and diss and diss and dat… ratz attack soi wot? The literature of laws and cruel rules and infirm minds and then what disaster... pays what lost master a visit? Are you wit this? Are you a witness? Have a thickness? Have any solid ash left, right, or centered within the eye which is yet not blinded by those... little itty bitty lights? Yea, those lights… peering into the lens and searching into the materials... of all thought, an unkind activity of thought… the thought police thinking… how oxymoronic... the blond haired Nazi scum bags still running the “Three Card Monty” tables… Whatever is to be of the lack of humility; oh the humility of, what is humanity? What is all of humanity really? Butt a mass of weight, bloated weight and questionable fate, an irreverent faith, a common disgrace, a total waste? An experiment that has barely passed the test of all time and space… Yes, barely passed the test… on the curve that is not necessarily all of that or this or any thing curved… except maybe a banana… or a piece of broken china or leaded glass from the Fatherland? Or, that flight back from “Neverland” in your pajamas! Momma! Did not a fool raise! Cause Momma did not have a hand, a voice, an instance; in the raising of any child… or so that IAM remembered, cause Momma had other wants to take care of and did she ever! Breathing all in, then; in this world’s society of war; of chaos, of murder, of deception, of rejections… Brings this thought into my “eye”; are my children so illiterate or just phucckking stupid; to be allowed to continue breathing? ? ? Exhaling and then some! Hanging tongues and exasperation’; some spinning heads and “Master” basting’ of the prospective “feed” to come! Nothing doing with cold-cuts here; We require fresh and bloody and fleshy, oh so tasty humanity meat! Ruins, and runes, sand; system login Lords and pin-striped Baboons! ! ! How ancient the human condition; wishfully the “meat” is cured properly! ! ! Ancestry; “Aunties”, all of them freed from the disease, of living in the “body human” or membership in a headed for extinction human species? ? ? Please rise, express just this once; one moment of; is the condition, the result of that idiosyncrasy of “Sex with false lovers” thangy? Honestly! Really! The odour of those ‘stories’, endorsing urgency; resurgent needs, and your God to please; you’re transgression’ are eased… Floors being checquered teases each kneeling tout this captivates it being ‘they’, hold captive the policy which would eliminate the awe of “they! ! ! Welcomes in the end of sin; that shining Son of which Kingdom comes? ? ? Written so cleverly those ‘words’ so ‘speak’ to each reclaimed and recalled spirit’s essence! Heaven’s scent anoints this world; excites its spin, creates the strings’ that bend in those eyes which cannot be seen Rise up, rise up above; seek the one who loves the each and every one of you while you still breathe! Against the pull of some lithesome shallow ‘shadows’ smug, be the humane smudge which lights itself and smokes away the wicked evil doers now and forever! Whatever! Devour each daily wrong; energize Love and smile alone; and at fatigue be silent and in the language of your tribal forbearers sing the traditional “Songs of Earth”; the fruitfulness of singing towards the either! Then fall to the soil, and leave the land beheld and sail in mind the ocean’s waters as the last Day’s Light of Humanity Vanishes

Topic(s) of this poem: human condition

Poet's Notes about The Poem

Inspired by the word works of our Monami Ghosh

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Poem Submitted: Monday, March 2, 2015

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