Humility Poem by Herbert Nehrlich


Rating: 2.1

Oh God, it is hard to be humble,
I am Aryan and have all it takes
and if most of your subjects just stumble
that would make them abominous fakes.

Yes, you put that small flap on it matters
and the weirdos would cut it with knives
and their circumstance now is in tatters
they will never do right by their wives.

So, dear God would you give me a gun
I would take out the vermin with pleasure
I'd sit outside and under your sun
and I'd polish my weapon, my pleasure.

Oh thank you, dear Lord for your work
you got rid of the devil's own swine
and especially that crazy jerk
who was never a friend of mine.

I have seen how you want to conduct
with a true and an honest Jawohl
all the workings that have not been sucked
into underground paths of some mole.

Albert E. Neumann 29 April 2005

Of course it is Herbie and I am the queen of Bribie Island where the men are hearty and the sheep run scared.

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Herbert Nehrlich1 29 April 2005

It is actually an anti-blueberry pie poem. Perhaps not obvious at first glance. H

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Michael Shepherd 29 April 2005

At first I read this as an anti-Semitic Nazi boast via a subtle comment on circumcision. I hope I'm wrong.

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