Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (Hbot) Poem by Luke Easter

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (Hbot)

The future is not the latest sci-fi by way of Star Trek ideology,
It’s Oxygen Medicine in the form of Hyperbaric Technology,
Within a chamber it provides a controlled pressurized flow,
This brainchild of Dr. Paul Harch is Also Known As, HBO.

Ford didn’t invent but he modernized production of the car,
While telescopes allow us to view even the most distant star,
One is millions of light-years away; the other fixed on earth,
Nowhere near each other they both have significant worth.

Exactly what does either one have to do with our topic here?
Travel to the outer realm of regeneration isn’t farther but near,
Phillip was the 26-week old preemie of Dr. William & Irene Grant,
To talk & be able to eat doctors told the loving couple, “he can’t.”

Their son needed a feeding PEG tube placement for nourishment,
Well, gently strapped on a table and into the HBO chamber he went,
From intensive care for the first 4 months of his innocent new life,
Things truly looked very bleak for the young doctor and his wife.

At the University of Tulane Dr. Bill was training in Allergy/Immunology,
The section chief said research didn't pay so get a job, the year was 1983,
1984 now working with Dr. Keith Van Meters Emergency Medicine Group,
Where he met Dr. Paul Harch another member of that stellar medical troop.

Way too many people try to associate or link doctors with magicians,
But, they are an extremely and very dedicated society, these physicians,
Years before anyone else Dr. Harch and Dr. Van Meter pioneered HBO,
Dr. Grant learned and began treating yet the impact; well, little did he know.

Having once worked with Dr. Harch he had knowledge of his research,
In neurological brain injury so they forged ahead for all it was worth,
Cerebral Palsy caused by a small stroke or bleed into their baby’s brain,
In spite of the negative diagnosis they still had hope for positive change.

From a projected lifetime of intravenous feeding to eating like a horse,
Appetizer, entree’ and desert, Phillip’s meals are always full course,
HBOT is extremely beneficial to stroke victims, for comas and MS,
These are only a few of the multitude see www.hbot.com for the rest.

Isn’t it just utterly amazing what can be anyone’s rocket ship to fame,
Were he a golfer or tennis pro Paul Harch would be a household name,
A lifetime spent with others reversing physical wrong to medical right,
Years of study and research as only God knows their personal sacrifice.

Here we are, June 2009, living in this present modern day and age,
Any kind of beneficial medical treatment can cost an arm and a leg,
Dr. Harch makes it affordable charging $150 an hour, yes, that’s all,
You could say he is a doctoral version of the humble Apostle Paul.

Luke Easter

Luke Easter

Cleveland, Ohio
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