I Am A Brother Poem by Daniel Hooks

I Am A Brother

Rating: 4.3

I am one of the least of your brothers.
I am neither your son or your lover.
I am just another.
I am just a face in the crowd.
Neither silent or loud.
I just need your love and support
People are my court.
They decide whether I should live or die
Or sit on the pavement and cry.
Give me faith give me hope
Because I cannot cope.
I have no distinctive features
I am no street preacher
Sometimes I am a wretched creature.
I have no money I am poor
Siting with my begging bowl on the floor.
Knocking on your door
For shelter on your floor!
I have no girlfriend I cannot score
No one cares for me anymore.
I stink but I try not to think
I try not to think
I try not to think that I wish I hadn't been born.
I have a yawn…..
Then I sleep on a park bench till dawn.

Monday, August 29, 2005
Topic(s) of this poem: alcoholism,alone,drink,homelessness,support
Sallie Howson 01 September 2005

great rhythm..sounds like a rap

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Kelly Allen Vinal 30 August 2005

A safe poem. A simple journey. Nice.

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William Dadeah 29 August 2005

I really enjoy reading this piece. The flow and tone was gentle. Nothing more, nothing less just a sweet inspirational poem. I liked it.

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