I Am A Child Of The Black Soil Poem by Sindiswa Nobuntu Ndamane

I Am A Child Of The Black Soil

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Every day I face the suffering of Africans
I wake up to see the beauty of the valleys,
I don't smell coffee but breeze from the Nile River,
I touch wild animals and spend time with them fearlessly,
I count the stars every evening,
The skies are always peaceful.
While the conflict of hunger strike on land,
I am the child of the black soil.

I listen to the rhythm of djembe,
And they make me feel deep roots I was born into,
Unlike the western music which bring lust and impossible desires,
I am able to feel the African in me,
They talk of Father Christmas,
I'm pretty sure he does not come here,
What I know is that the Son of Man is born.
They talk of tooth fairies,
All I know is that I'm burying my childhood heading to adulthood.
They talk of Easter bunnies,
But I feel pain of the cross
There's nothing I can believe,
I am the child of the black soil.
Under our suffering we are adapted to death,
Like poisoned ants we lie and be blown by wind,
Our histories are never recorded,
Because we never have a chance to say much,
Infants never get a chance to go to Disney land,
But they wait for a vaccine that will never come,
They are born to be a perfect picture of a sufferer,
I look at myself and think,
I am the child of a black soil.

Sunday, May 22, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: african poem,sorrow,sorrows
Life of the Africans
Kgashane Cacious Mogale 31 October 2017

A very touching poem#I am A Child of the Black soil

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Ernest Makuakua 02 June 2016

Allow me this words Yet if heaven was so near I would enter there and never turn back to earth We feed our appetite with faith and pray for peace yet it never comes cry child you were born free but Just free to die Underestimated I call my mother and father and ask why? the answer is all shall be well my child... but until when? The Undertaker is on its way I'm a child of a black soil. Thanks for sharing i Enjoyed your piece keep writing sister. Inspired Me

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Sindiswa Ndamane 02 June 2016

thank you so much, highly appreciated...

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Sindiswa Nobuntu Ndamane

Sindiswa Nobuntu Ndamane

Newcastle, South Africa
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