Sindiswa Nobuntu Ndamane Poems

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There’s Nothing Left

I came to see you especially today,
The time I have spent is well enough,
I gave my all to know you better,
Others might have done better than me,

A Silent Place

Where can it be where I found peace?
This world is full of lies,
It lies to me and my whole surroundings,
When I think sadness will never come

What Is More Sweeter?

We are given one mouth,
We are given two ears,
We are given ten fingers,
We use more what we are given less,


She was the only one I loved
My mouth could not admit
My heart always said it.

I Am A Child Of The Black Soil

Every day I face the suffering of Africans
I wake up to see the beauty of the valleys,
I don't smell coffee but breeze from the Nile River,
I touch wild animals and spend time with them fearlessly,

Eternal Idea

Keep me the way I am today
Do not throw me to the dark hole
Progression might be my main idea
Looking for other directions is foul

Chained Freedom

Let me sing a song of the freedom I deserve
The one that came from blood flooding the streets
That made heroes and sheroes leave their families
To hold guns in the bushes

War In Me

My battles inside are just beginning,
But it seems my solders are resting
Unloading the final bullets as if it's over,
Not knowing that grenades and spears are coming,

We Wait

Our hearts still wait,
Wait for the rain in the desert
As if the ocean will dry up,
So that we can see...


At least if we're given a chance
Just to TRY
TRY not to cry
The sky is ours,

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