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I came to see you especially today,
The time I have spent is well enough,
I gave my all to know you better,
Others might have done better than me,

Where can it be where I found peace?
This world is full of lies,
It lies to me and my whole surroundings,
When I think sadness will never come

We are given one mouth,
We are given two ears,
We are given ten fingers,
We use more what we are given less,

She was the only one I loved
My mouth could not admit
My heart always said it.

Every day I face the suffering of Africans
I wake up to see the beauty of the valleys,
I don't smell coffee but breeze from the Nile River,
I touch wild animals and spend time with them fearlessly,

Keep me the way I am today
Do not throw me to the dark hole
Progression might be my main idea
Looking for other directions is foul

Let me sing a song of the freedom I deserve
The one that came from blood flooding the streets
That made heroes and sheroes leave their families
To hold guns in the bushes

My battles inside are just beginning,
But it seems my solders are resting
Unloading the final bullets as if it's over,
Not knowing that grenades and spears are coming,

Our hearts still wait,
Wait for the rain in the desert
As if the ocean will dry up,
So that we can see...


At least if we're given a chance
Just to TRY
TRY not to cry
The sky is ours,

What is being free?

Is being free a feeling?

At most times I feel stronger alone
I feel the presence of my presence
With no obstruction leading to defeat
Where I can face anything on my way

Locked-down from thousands of smiles,
And high volumes of sounds
The joy of looking at the skies compressed
With no light of hope.

It feels lonely,
It has been for a while,
Everything is falling apart,
Yet the silence is unshaken.


You touch me by the toe,
But I feel your touch in my guts,
It must be magic.
The magic everyone thought was just a fairytale,

The light can be gloomy
But that does not move the shade,
Unless we breath and shake minds
We will still remain in the dark light.

You touch me by the toe
But I feel your touch in my tummy
It must be magic,
The magic everyone thought was just a fairytale.


Empty Space,
Echo expression all around
Something is missing,
There is a lost feeling

When we encounter
Never forget me
It will never be by words
It will never be by sight,

Can't we allow sugar,
Just to coat our broken pockets,
So that it can flow to our sad hearts,
Let daddy lend it

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There’s Nothing Left

I came to see you especially today,
The time I have spent is well enough,
I gave my all to know you better,
Others might have done better than me,
They might have gone to a place I have never been,
Knowing you was not that pleasant,
But it will do me good in the future I know
I am now done it’s time to untie what I started,
It is hard to let go now because maybe I left something significant,
I shall see you tomorrow and never again,
When we meet please pretend to know me,
All my strength was taken by you,
For the last time, dance with me holding my hand.

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Love is art, creation is beauty.

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