I Am A Fighter Poem by Abida Rahman

I Am A Fighter

It was a big night at the agency. All agents were out on the field. Our mission: Save as many people as possible. It was dark and cold out there. But no time to waste by complaining! I was the head agent on this night and I had to control myself as well as others. I got a call telling me my younger sister Sophie was found, she was still concious, she hadn't been attacked but she had seen the beast. I went out. I had to go back for her! As I ran towards the agent who found her, tears came to my eyes. But I knew there was no time for emotion! I took her into my arms and carried her back to the camp. As I let go of her and knew she was safe at last, she said: ' Can the beast not get through these gates? ', so I smiled at her and replied: 'These gates have God's blessing, no beast can enter them.' She is so young and innocent minded, I was so proud and thankful to have her within these gates. I could see other children around trying to escape the gates, agents were chasing them and bringing them back in, but some of them disappeared behind the trees. Maybe they simply weren't meant to be here. I asked one the agents by an entrance if the gates had been secured yet or if there was still possible danger, but he replied in a strict voice with a straight face: 'The gates are secure! ' so i knew from now that all these people were completely safe as long as they stayed within the camp. As I went back out to find more people, I saw the beast. It was an average size angry wolf, his fur was very light yellow and brown and with the light from the low moon it had a green edge to it. His teeth were huge and lots of saliva dripping from his mouth. He was starving and ready to attack anything and anyone! I was very scared at this moment but somehow I knew that I was safe from it. I ran towards it as it ran towards me, and as I spoke the words 'I seek protection from You my Lord against the devil' the wolf ran into me, my strength pushed him up into the air and the devil landed behind me, the agents around me were not attacked. I was still very pumped up by the adrenaline high I just got, but I couldn't let anything show. We continued the search to help more people. There were not many people in this particular area, but a few were there, lying on the ground unconscious, they had lost themselves in fear. We took as many people as we could and carried them back to the camp. As we were getting nearer the gates, all of us running so fast, we could feel in our hearts that the devil was very close. I tried to run faster! I had never ran so fast in my life. I was really so scared, because right now with this man in my arms I probably wouldn't have enough strength to fight the wolf off again! This old man was getting heavier every second, it was getting very hard to focus on the mission! A very loud groan from the devil was heard. My heart was beating so fast, I thought I would dropp the man and save myself! All horrible thoughts were travelling my mind by fear. When suddenly the man weighed nothing, he was still in my arms but I couldn't feel anything but his heart beat! God had made him so light and made it easy for me to help him. Animals were rushing by us, running for the gates. I had never thought that animals would go in, but the free agents were helping them find the way or they would be eaten. The devil was there, right behind us, so near! The gates were wide open, we ran through with the dears and horses entering with us. People were so afraid because they thought all animals were the beast. And just as it got near the gates, the security agent managed to close the entrance. All other doors were still open and being pulled closed at this very moment too. The devil ran back into the trees that were around the camp. I was sure to find the rest of my family somewhere within the camp because other agents must have found them and brought them back. As i searched for them, I found my little sister again. I hugged her and she said: ' Where is everyone? I can't find mummy or Hannah or anyone else! ' At this point I hugged her tightly! Tears came gushing out my eyes and I understood that none of them had been saved. I held her, and asked her to forgive me for every evil I had ever done to her. Told her i loved her. I had to tell her the truth. 'Sophie, you remember when I told you about God? ', 'Well of course! But please Joanna, tell me where mummy is.' I couldn't stop crying, her face was so beautiful, I didn't want to hurt her, I didn't want her to feel this pain I was feeling! 'Sophie, darling, listen to me. Mummy never believed me when I told her that the beast would come. She never believed me when I said that I was trying to save her. And maybe she didn't let any agent take her back to the camp tonight.' Sophie didn't understand anything I was talking about. 'How is that possible? ' She asked. 'Sophie, baby. I am so sorry! It's just you and me now! But we have to continue fighting against the devil, because he will be back.' I couldn't find the strength to carry on and tell her what I really had to tell her. But I knew God was watching us, I had to complete my mission, no matter the pain! She was still there, staring at me, waiting for an answer that would make sense. 'Sophie, you have to forget about mummy and every body who is not here! You will not see them again. They have disappeared now.' I took her in my arms, I had no more tears to give. She pulled me closer to her. I understood that she understood.


S.zaynab Kamoonpuri 07 September 2013

Is dis a factual epic? Did a wolf kill some of you. Whateva it is u hav pend it in a thrillin captivatin way. Pls do read my latest, on gambling.

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