Mason Maestro

I Am A Straw Part 10 - Poem by Mason Maestro

The stage is set! The spotlight's on! It's time to lead this yield
The time is ripe! History's now! I soon won't need this field
Before I can commission this vintage militia to their task
We first must implement the network where conversing will be cast
Telling the crop with bold command once the dry-run passed the test;
'Activate your webbing roots and link our kind with all the rest
Let messages soar from root to root in speed without a sound
An InterNatural communique unheard and underground.'
The crop sent word to all plantlife- wild and tame to be united
And consolidate the globe in an Eco-central power cited
One-by-one they soon replied from every corner of the world
As though taken with fervent zeal their response was promptly hurled
Oddly enough, we were reached by those with far relations from our norm
Organisms such as bacteria- clearly not our form
Even Algae, Fungi and Viruses all protest against man
So their part to play in alliance to plants will be useful to the plan
They say no other had ever done what I so bravely had
Stating- 'Proud to have me as their sovereign ruler'- makes me glad
For operating ministries, I'll need just members seated
I'll install the rightful species with the unqualified out-weeded
For the Ministry of Defence, I place the fitting expert- Cactus
Their sharp thorn-yielding ample weapons guard and needs no practise
For the Ministry of Mobility- the countless tribes of Grass
They hold a key to a partnership invisible as glass;
A pact with the birds in the air will provide our need of transport
In return Grass spot all worms, ending birds need to search for it
The third and final Ministry is the Department of Enforcement
I've named the Head my beloved offspring- the bulk of my endorsement
They'll have the whole yield of the crop for their military force
But the army's enlisted viruses will be its most effective source
Once completed assigning command under my rule of the entire
I took my place as Emperor in history's first Botanic Empire
Since day one we've protected man in every possible way
From the leaves that covered Adam's parts to the healing herbs today
My Empire is slowly shifting the natural balance of power
Soon Human's mono-domination will rule its final hour

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Poem Submitted: Monday, December 12, 2005

Poem Edited: Wednesday, January 25, 2006

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