I Am Afraid... Poem by ellery lim

I Am Afraid...

Rating: 5.0

I am afraid of the millions of ways
For a man to die
In the millions of days
I am afraid of the sea of people
That can end your days
Silent as a ripple
I am afraid of nature as a whole
They wipe out the cities
The young child and the old
I am afraid of mine lifelong dreams
For a little failure
Will tear it at the seams
I am afraid to love and be loved
For out of a million
How many are true love
I am afraid of technology
For the smarter we get
The richer controls me
I am afraid of my identity
For I don’t want to know
Who is the real me.
I am afraid of sight, smell and touch
For I know our reality
Belongs to such
I am afraid of seeing my own death
Foresee calamity
Suffering’s all that is left
I am afraid of death.
Am I not
For living is a torture
With that many thoughts.

James Grayson 01 March 2010

Again, i like it. I can realy see myself in this poem. I get a sense of mental health problems in this one, my mental health problems. I dont know if you've sufferd the same as me but i can realy see the past few years of my life in this peom. I realy enjoy reading your work.

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Samuel Naser 28 February 2010

This poem really gets to me! I love it and all of your poems set a similair mood to this one and I enjoy it thoroughly. Keep it up for sure! ! !

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