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I hate writing this part, either you appear smug or self opinionated, as my Wife said today.' Your teachers must have hated me with my infantile habit of amusing the class with my less than funny quips.
Well here we are a sad old retired Engineer.
Suddenly Sixty years later with little time on my hands to write and try to gain the attention craved.All that short time ago, at the back of the class.Reading my Hero...Kipling.
Will I do? Well I try.Hard to tell, I cannot Mind.

Philip Winchester Poems

Sport (Alliteration)

: Sport (Alliteration) 075

Can you canoe white waters in just a bucket?

Practice What You Preach

: Practice what you Preach in Life. Acrostic Poem

Practice what you preach in life, pay not just lip-service to the cause.
Respect the other persons point of view and never shout them down.

Serendipity A Happy Accident


Serendipity, a happy accident?
Every meeting made could just be the one.

No, It Is Not Your Fault.

Poem Title: No, It is not your Fault. Acrostic Poem 153

No, it is not your fault!
Oh how many times must I say this, it is not your fault.


: Metaphors 083

Metaphoric command well worth the poets bother,

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Vandavasu Vittal 16 October 2009

Philip Winchester is a poet's guide to poetically go poetical. He is a very warm and friendly person and easy to get along with. (I hate his hate on the talk of death) . I am in eternal debt with this great man.

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