I Am Here Poem by millie st.claire

I Am Here

Rating: 4.8

I've always been the kind of girl
That hid my face
So afraid to tell the world
What I've got to say

It's so hard just waiting
In a line that never moves
It's time you started making
Your own rules

You gotta scream until there's nothing left
With your last breath
Say here I am

Do you know what it's like
To feel so in the dark
To dream about the life
When you're the shining star
Even though it seems
Like it's too far away
I have to believe in myself
It's the only way

You only get one life to work it
So who cares if it's not perfect
Say 'it's close enough to perfect for me'
Why should you hide from the thunder
And the lightening that your under

If how your living isn't working
There's one thing that'll help
You got to finally just stop searching
To find yourself

Surya . 13 May 2009

the last para is very good.nice.posted 10 surya

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Kyle Shield Laster 16 July 2008

really deep. some of what greeny said is true... about it being very advanced. brilliant! ! xxxx1000! !

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Greenwolfe 1962 02 July 2008

This is philosophy in a poetic format. This is one thing I know pretty well because I do it myself. I loved the ending. I wasn't sure the rest of the piece was as focused as a philosophy needs to be. This tells me the structure of this piece may have not fit the philosophy. But this is very advanced stuff and I'm not going to complain about that. Clarity and communication are the keys and they were just fine. GW62

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Connie Crane 02 July 2008

All my life I've wanted a man to choose me. I have just recently realized I could stop waiting and choose myself! Enjoyed your poem! Connie

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