I Am The Street Kid Poem by Paul Mwenelupembe

I Am The Street Kid

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I am the street kid
Here in the street is my home
It was just a slosh not by chance
I had a star shade before
Where I could rest on, my bed

But this went inside a snatch
Yes, this AIDS king of the world
I don't know its works so far
But what I know is
It slaughtered my shade

Now here I am, the neglected
Even my lineage has refused me
And took away all the city
That was served for the family
And left the outcast here alone

So here I am in wasteland
The ran away from heavy rains
Slided away on the same route by foot
And found a cosy shade
Yes, here in the street

I beg crowds, 'Just a coin! '
Eaten in clouds of rottten bins
I take my bed under this bridge
Yes, here in the street

Others of adults try to strike away
They persuade me, persaude me
These world pretenders of adoptions
And adopt this infused child
Such is me and sale abroad
Yes, here in the street

So I cry out if ever my shade was alive
If ever had it known this play
If ever I was out of this storm
I could smile, laugh and die at hope
This hope built in me of life
Yes, here in the street

There are alot of children out there in the streets. These are the homelessness. These are the children who are subjected to abuse, neglect, exploitation, murder e.t.c. Just as the UNICEF concept says: 'boys and girls, aged under eighteen years, for whom the street (including unoccupied dwellings and westland) has become and/ or their source of livelihood and who are inadequately protected or supervised (black,1993) .

Some of these children are of a result of HIV/AIDS. So the remained relatives especially in Africa, grab their properties that their parents saved for them. In most cases, child truffiking is common too and these children are really exposed to such acts. So this poem addresses all that have been mentioned above. Help fight street kids thing and develope a better world! !
Paul Mwenelupembe

Paul Mwenelupembe

Queens Central Hospital, Blantyre, Malawi
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