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I Am Tired, But I Will Not Give Up

There is no pretty love anymore, but There is blood that is shedding everywhere In the streets, in the corners, on The mountains, and in the hearts. Love is forbidden and not allowed anymore In the kingdom of evil and aggression. Everything and everyone died yesterday And everything and everyone are dying Today for ever and ever for no reason. Tomorrow the rest of everything and the Rest of everyone will die inevitably. Only death is spreading in the kingdom Of the good because some bad guys want Everything and everyone to die for ever. Love dies everyday because some do not Like it anymore and death is the pretty Alternative to these bad guys in the Kingdom of the bad and their bad land. Love and death never meet even if we tried To do our best to make them do so. Love is drowning in the ugly pools of Blood everywhere with a lot of kids, With a lot of women, and with a lot of Men shedding like red rivers of blood Everywhere and anywhere for no logical reason. In the kingdom of the good everything dies And everyone dies like anything with no Value and any importance in life around us, But in the kingdom of the bad we can see Only bad guys fully armed with all kinds Of weapons, with all kinds of hatred, and with All kinds of filthy revenge on all levels. Alas! What a pity! Where is the civilized World on our pretty planet? Where are we? Where is...................................? Double standards are anywhere and everywhere! We watch your false civilization and everyone Is watching your false civilization even the Blind, the deaf, and the dumb everywhere! We will not ask so and so or such and such Because everything and everyone died long time ago. It's a shame on our time and our days! It's A shame on the shame itself because nobody is Able to talk, able to see, and able to do! Death embraces and hugs everything and everyone Because love died and its funeral is going to be Anytime, anywhere, and everywhere. There is no love anymore because love died And there is only death spreading in our world! Only and only right now the bad guys prevail On top of their evil kingdom with all their Weapons and arms stuffed to perish the good People, the good kids, the pretty women, and All the pretty men who can not defend even themselves. One day the sun will rise greatly and brilliantly On the world one more time because a new and pretty Dawn will come with a new man and his new and pretty love Again and again anytime and every time. Now, I say: Bye, o world! Bye, o pretty world and everything in you! Tomorrow is coming and the sun will rise again. The new dawn will come by itself And all new flowers and roses will come again.