I Believed... Poem by K J

I Believed...

So, what do I think … because I’m writing this you’ll suddenly care?
That you’ll somehow read this and realize that “we” matter?
There was never a “we”, was there?
You claimed you were always there and that you’d be there for me “forever”.
That you’ve sacrificed for me.
I think you’re just a selfish “little girl” that doesn’t really understand what life is about/
Although you adamantly claim to!
You claim to see through trappings and distractions of this life.
You lie.
You were dishonest and manipulative from the beginning.
This was nothing but a game to you.
You were a bored “little girl” in a woman’s body, and I was but one source of amusement for you.
How many others were there.
How many others did you manipulate into believing they were your one and only “soulmate” or “twin flame”?
There is no “magic”, no “soul” to this life.
You had deceived me into thinking there was only to prove to me that there isn’t by leaving me.
I didn’t amuse you anymore.
I started to ask too many difficult questions.
You’re wrong and you lied.
I don’t hate you – it’s much worse, you disappointed me.
I don’t believe in you anymore – I don’t believe in “magic”.
I believed … I was a fool.

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