I Bow Down Poem by Gregory PierreJerome

I Bow Down

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At first I was shy, I felt ashamed
And now with you in my heart I am changed
With you lord, Christ Jesus, I am never the same
I say thank you for I know your name
Ever since I was little I knew you
With great trust and belief now I feel you
In an assemble we all worshiped you
A liar you are not but instead what is true
Master, I say thank you for the word
I received it and now I share it with the world
With your mercy and grace I breathe it
I praise you, I exalt you, and now I'll read it
I bow down
I read and understood
I comprehend and I do not question
I say thank you for your word is good
Through your love my God I received salvation
Down I bow without a frown
I am happier than a circus clown
For I am up high on the mountain
Drinking from your hand
What a beautiful fountain!
I bow down; you are the King of all kings
And I surely respect your crown


A humbling poem, a true servanthood write. Loved it! ; D

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C. L. 03 June 2010

Truly shows how much faith and love you have in God :)

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