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Beauty Of A Princess

Rose-like garden of a golden harvest

Shining bright burning out the sun causing no distress

His Pain Our Salvation

Why does the world cancel out the true GOD of all gods and deny the true belief

Sure he has borne our grieves

Free Will

It’s an illusion to some but in fact authenticity to all

A choice incurable or beautiful, simply a foul call

A Virtuous Woman

A Virtuous Woman

Proverbs31: 30
Favour is deceitful and beauty is vain; but a woman that feareth the LORD she will be praised.

Acts 2: 42

ACTS 2: 42


Shake And Wake

We choose to lie to ourselves to amend for our mistakes
Destroying our souls in self righteousness we gain just the confusing ache
We need to rise up to the truth and be awake
HE forsook not but with our sins we always forsake

Washed Garden

Be a precious stone of value and an admiration
Provide charity and generosity and show the beauty of gratitude
Educate yourself as you train brave and courageous men
Be wise and jolly and not a fool and a folly; just be a simple friend

Crazy World

This world is insane
Now nothing is ever the same
We all playing this vicious game
Of hide and seek without shame

Spiritual Warfare

My mind is playing games
I am feeling lots of shame
I am at war with the devil
The thoughts are evil

A Love Healing

I am feeling lots of pain
I am in her passionate love chain
My body is running through her beautiful flames
My soul is crying in mercy for her gain

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