Spiritual Warfare Poem by Gregory PierreJerome

Spiritual Warfare

My mind is playing games
I am feeling lots of shame
I am at war with the devil
The thoughts are evil
Incest, dishonesty and adultery
Fighting and feeling guilty
I try praying but he is still tormenting
Baptism is the first step to victory
But from there all becomes a catastrophe
I am at war with calamity
My spirit screams with insanity
Now I go on my knees and pray
After I am on my bed sinfully dreaming
My mind is his prey
As my soul is running and fighting
Only through Jesus I’ll be victorious
Even though he is dangerous
When he hears HIS name, he will run in shame
All because Jesus is all the fame
This warfare is not fair
He knows my weakness and it’s not just
My mind is all about lust
Now I am his enemy
For the Lord had saved me
You think he’ll cut me some slack
But instead he stabbed me in the back
It’s not over yet for we have never met
At Armageddon we will meet
There it will be your defeat
I win, I won, and I am the champion
Now you know who the real scorpion is
You were dropped from High like a coin
In JESUS CHRIST name you will always be in oblivion

Darrin Mcmiller Jr. 14 June 2010

Geez this is a full on on-slaught, a slaughter

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Excellent! We are at war! Well written, son of the Most High.

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