His Pain Our Salvation Poem by Gregory PierreJerome

His Pain Our Salvation

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Why does the world cancel out the true GOD of all gods and deny the true belief

Sure he has borne our grieves

We sought the world and found nothing but darkness; we live a life ruled by a lying pharaoh

Our sins are massively wicked and causes us to be painful while the ONE and ONLY carried out our sorrows

In vain we worship and claim His KINGDOM, in shame we deny His sacrifice and broke HIS covenants then we all esteemed HIM stricken

The corruption of this world is in danger and we all are in fault for not being cautious

The truth is defected through the lies in variation of one book affecting generations to suicide

My HEAVENLY FATHER smitten and afflicted, the tears of blood and the lashes of gold

He was bruised for our iniquities; we were freed for HIS pleasure and righteousness

The guilt of our abominations was taken from us as a gift as the chastisement of our peace was upon HIM

Healing is given by his stripes but we bathe our souls in self-righteousness, vanity, and brutal sin

Like sheep we went astray wandering around forgiveness and HIS mercy not realizing that we are in need

To us the criminals HE was led as a lamb to slaughter, with our weapons of destruction we stand in unity all in laughter

Prison and Judgment became HIS comfort as a waterfall of slicing knives into our minds and spirit

With no remorse we all jumped to the line of confliction and started to beat on HIM with our belt of thorns

Our transgression got HIM stricken leaving only memories of spiritual adulteries and nasty fornication

We are stupid of our sinful fragmentation having wondrous actions of horrifying trespasses in malediction

A world of believers of evil and creators of felonies all combusted in flames of fantasies of hatred

HE who came brought Love and Salvation and left hopeless knowing that we are a burden

All amazed of our ignorance in deception and our love of flowing currency not really living

Yet He fined peace in His death and gave Himself joy and pleasure loving us all believing in His plan of salvation

Are we at all intact with the Kingdom and are we not HIS creation! ! !

The LORD CHRIST is still in intercession, HOLY GHOST FIRE is still burning, and the church is still arising

Now it comes, the latter days of true persecution, Fisherman of the seas, Workers of the ultimate Gifts

The guillotine, the destroyer is at rally full of lousy weapons

Do we stand still and watch our deaths in vanity or do we Praise and Worship trusting the Word, our guide and gateway for a true revival

We all know that the weapons are old and carry the same stinger

Therefore why are we hibernating when a cause is at hand?

Dead minds and unattended souls arise and breathe the breath of truth

Heavy in the struggle, brave in the Gospel, Strong in faith, and Loving in the message

Hurry for its time and be merry for its ordained; the army is ready and the gate is open

They are coming out by the dozens, in false teachings all will rise turning us against each other

So let us share HIS pain for the gain of our salvation

In Baptism of water and Spirit in the Name of the one and only CHRIST JESUS lets us stand in faith, in preparation for its time for breakthrough graciously

Praise the LORD your GOD and always know that HE IS THE ALPHA AND OMEGA, the KEY of our true Victory! ! !

Preetam Shetty 08 June 2010

He was bruised for our iniquities; we were freed for HIS pleasure and righteousness -- Great Write my friend i agree we do not value the worth of his sufferings

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CRACK HEAD 08 June 2010

My HEAVENLY FATHER smitten and afflicted, the tears of blood and the lashes of gold -this is my favorite part. i totally agree w/this poem. n fact i knw sumone who does not believe n God&tries to make me turn away from him, but when i asked that person to define love he immediately went to the Bible. i find it funny how the world thinks nothing of God until something is bad.

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Gregory, you are truly writing by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. This is the Spirit of prophecy. Continue to stay open to Him, be Spirit led. God Bless. Love D

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Darrin Mcmiller Jr. 14 June 2010

Overall this was well written, and this line 'A world of believers of evil and creators of felonies all combusted in flames of fantasies of hatred' took me on a downward spiral my favorite line

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Summer Holst 19 June 2010

I can't say much spiritual wise but poetic wise this was amazing. you wrote with true feeling on this subject and i have to admit it was very good :) i cant wait to read more of you poems. Summer

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Marieta Maglas 04 August 2010

Only Jesus Christ can save us..wonderful faith...well expressed poem...God bless...Mari

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Lynn Glover 05 July 2010

To off set all the bad things mentioned in the poem, we must except Him as our savior, then ask His forgiveness and follow Him. that's What He wants. A good write. Lynn

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Almedia Knight-Oliver 29 June 2010

I don't quite know how to comment on the content of this religious poem. I can only say that your religious doctrine is quite evidence in this poem but due to the dogmatic implications the poem presents, I love your flow of word. Keep writing...that's what we poets do.

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Valeria Montanez 25 June 2010

gr8 poem...keep writing...this is da way god wants to use you...preach(: ...lots of love..god bless you

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Excellent evangelistic expressions my friend.

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