Washed Garden Poem by Gregory PierreJerome

Washed Garden

Rating: 4.8

Be a precious stone of value and an admiration
Provide charity and generosity and show the beauty of gratitude
Educate yourself as you train brave and courageous men
Be wise and jolly and not a fool and a folly; just be a simple friend
Don’t look back for you might slack, be of good courage and don't go astray
The light you bring is supreme and divine, all to clarify
The errors of past, the worries of cash, none can sanctify
The love of CHRIST, the faith to receive and a desire to obey, does purify
The garden, dirty from self-righteousness, all in vague tries to justify
Pleasure of the flesh, game of blame, in shame pretends to satisfy
When will you care and listen to accept and do glorify
All praise be to GOD, JEHOVAH, no appreciation of sin, zero tolerance, and will not modify

It is better to be a garden of adoration than an abomination
We all did wrong as we shall repent, think with true realization
Is it right to condemn GOD and reject judgment of your correction
You believe in yourself and free will, fatal felony, but blood of atonement
Sadness of sufferance asking why the pain, but fully happy
Getting currency, giving to sin, in the juice of false hope
druids and wicca, princess of demons, marrying the pope
Attached to earth, sand of Cain, sea of lies, murdering HIS NAME
Teaching in vain, spiritual prostitution, piercing and painting the reality of this malign game
Now stop and freeze, feel the breeze of the flame
Running away saying who cares, touching the essence of shame
Figure it out now and seek to be free of this evil frame

Apology is accepted, GOD loves you enough to die for you
Read the WORD and realize your position casting out sin
Be free of the vice and don't get bitten by the mice
Listen to wisdom, truth of a loving Father and pick up your cross
Become a child of light and obey, your fired from being the boss
You love this earth and nature but do you realize of the beauty of Heaven
GOD created the earth, you see its wonders, isn't it beautiful!
GOD created the Heaven, the supernatural, do you think earth impress
Be of great cheer and learn the GOSPEL, please do confess
The great distress, pain and anger, accept HIS caress and release your stress
You are a child, in fact HIS child, receive and be bless
Learn to praise and worship, GOD is tired, allow HIM to rest
Play the melody of exaltation and snooze HIM to divine loving sleep with your sacrifice to manifest

Malaya Roses 11 January 2011

We made mistake and shall repent with determination on no repeating the same. Poet wrote such a truth in human misdeed yet believe in soul redemption because God is The Most Merciful with ultimate compassion towards man-kind and never stop giving chances to all.

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Marieta Maglas 04 August 2010

wonderful religious and didactic poem at the same time....wonderful words expressing deep thoughts...God bless...Mari.

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Hans Vr 28 July 2010

Dear friend, This poem contains a lot of wisdom. Sometimes we tend to be too connected to our earthly possessions and forget the spiritual dimension. I do not like vey much the phrase 'God is tired, give Him a rest'. Any personification of our Creator is a bit degrading (that is at least what I feel) . Otherwise a great poem with lots of spirit. The rhymes within the verses are very good.

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Gregory, this is so beautiful! This is true''living in the Spirit.'' I pray to be continually washed by the Word, and that He blow afresh upon His garden continually. Another inspired poem! ; D

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Nivedita Bagchi SPC UK 28 July 2010

‘The love of CHRIST, the faith to receive and a desire to obey, does purify’ ~ to me it is the bottom line of your poetry… The whole gamut of social religious moral interpersonal relations and action nicely embodied...in this lovely and wise poem … thanks for sharing Regards Ms. Nivedita UK 10/10

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