I Can See Clearly! Poem by Kondwani Simwaba

I Can See Clearly!

As the lights come on and I begin to see the truth that lay before me even though, I chose to look so far beyond; the dream that never made any sense was a reality awaiting my exculpation; a fantasy that stared right into my eyes and yet I blinked and ogled at the wrong sight; though Reppunzle stood before me, it was Cinderella I really needed yet I was blinded by the former's mighty hair; even though she spoke to me so tenderly, my heart was never really there; she fell in love with my words but I never really did care; that which defined me is what she loved and I couldn't fathom it at the time; so now before it's too late I wanna describe it with a rhyme and this is a sonnet for the unseen.
This is not just another poem, because now I can see; that which was covered by darkness is revealed; that which was over shadowed by false hopes can now glow; that which was shy is now confident; I can see clearly! That which lay under my nose when I sought hope from the roof top, I can see clearly; with my heart I can feel it; with my mind, body and spirit, I swear! I can recognize it; see! When my heart broke it healed me with a single touch, but I took one too many pain killers, I couldn't identify it; except now as my comrade the mighty Moon glows and the twinkling stars appear, I can feel it, for it has always been a part of me though inadvertently, I chose to overlook it but not anymore, because this time I can see clearly!
I dare to stare at that which made us a pair; the beauty in the smile that tamed my war, a true heart slayer; so many songs to sings and words to speak but with a rhyme to prepare; the glow of eyes that weaken the soul, insidious is but this snare; the curtains to fall and veil to drop for there is no shyness when love is there; I sought amongst the stars for a beautiful love so rare; yet underneath the skies existed a heart to care; for all the times my heart got broken and I ignored her who's to say life isn't fair? But I have overlooked her for the longest and this time I remember her in prayer; so I dare to stare at that which makes us a pair, because this time I can see clearly…

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