I Dont Know What To Say.. Poem by Ala elouri

I Dont Know What To Say..

I don't know what to say...It's like a cat got my tongue..and i can no longer speak..Im shocked i dont know how that got out of me..Its hard i know it is...But this is the way life is full of sorrow and wonderful, passionate suprizes..I didnt know to you, You would have to think one single thought..Everything is the same..And everything will never change..I'm me and You're you..So dont you think for a minute or two..Life's rule is to enjoy the moment given to you..Because you might be the one who is the luckiest of all..The one everyone wishes to stand in their place..With their heads raised up tall Cause they are the luckiest of all..Stay where you are and don't go away..In life, Everything is the same..There is just something that gets us awake from something we hid and never knew..It's okay as i say..Nothing will change..The world is the same..

I don't know what to do..I'm just like you..Tied in a lace of chains..But look everything will be the same..I hope it will..Forever and everyday..Its just something we can't control..This is the way life is full of suprizes hidden to be told in that right day..♥ /3 Ala Elouri

Ala elouri

Ala elouri

SanClemente, California
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