I Feel, I Feel - Martyred Soldiers Pain Poem by Seema Jayaraman

I Feel, I Feel - Martyred Soldiers Pain

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When there are no more tears

To shed over sleepless nights

I have paced the floor bare

Writhing in my helplessness

Beneath veils of equanimity

Within inclusivity, lost my identity

The enemy remains camouflaged

As he piled up his explosive arsenal in my backyard

To rain death upon me and my trusting brothers

Here I am on the frozen soil

Not enough hands, a nation of a billion

To pick up bits & pieces of my tattered flesh

Strewn all over this war torn frozen soil

I can no longer hold my furious sobs within

I need to let out this howl long into the night

A war cry to awaken my sleeping brethrens

Your sense of security is a fallacy

Unclasp these chains of magnanimity

Confront the cowardice cowering within

The attack was frontal, it is now guttural

Your guts will be spilled on the streets

Your home is under fire,

Your loved ones will be dragged into the pits to be butchered

What will you do, don't you feel, don't you feel

But I feel, I feel even in my agonized death

A call to set this wrong right

To vanquish the enemy growing within

It's this cancerous ideology needing nationalistic treatment

Now that my eyes in death are dry

Lead the front of this charge, brothers & sisters mine

I need your hands, pick me up from the bloodied ground

Fly me home in empty coffins

Tell my people there was nothing left of me to be delivered

I was vaporized by a zealots fanaticism

I feel, I feel in death, I will return

Again to proudly wear my uniform

Andavenge this mindless savagery

Thursday, July 18, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: army,patriotism,sacrifice,soldiers
I remember penning these verses, deeply disturbed by the brutal, senseless, unacceptable murder of our soldiers when a moving convoy was attacked with IED filled sucide jeep at Awanthipura, Kashmir in Feb 2019 killingmore than 40 soldiers..This poem was published in Glomag May 2019 issue. The sheer memory of the attack runs my blood cold.. I feel for the survivors and the families left behind, but I strongly feel for the martyred soldiers..
Seema Kj
Me Poet Yeps Poet 18 July 2019

VERY GLOWING TRIBUTE you have penned the world read it in papers Sad but when one joins a military band coffin he holds in his hand Rest exploit for political reasons dead ones knew but couldn't much do families need only to bear the brunt O class poetess raed my moms smiles but don't cry

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Ratnakar Mandlik 18 July 2019

A glowing tribute to the soldiers martyred in Kashmir in Feb 2019 in a most dastardly attack on their convoy by the terrorists. The poem full of patriotic feelings is also an attempt to share the grief of the shattered families of the martyrs.10+++++++

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