Cooking A Morning Poem Poem by Seema Jayaraman

Cooking A Morning Poem

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I hemmed and wrecked my head
to remember and write out a recipe
to pen the perfect set of words - poetry
toasting each dawn - a tasty savory

rightful phrases minced and diced
tossed vaguely remembered feelings
deep fried in intense emotions
layered mix of verbs and rhymes

all that time consuming baking
with mostly absent ingredients
I gave a large roundabout
instead settled a quick scramble

a fluffy light lay of words
spicey at times soothing garnished
imagery - healthy dish of simple poem
I began to serve each day
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Copyright ©Seema Jayaraman, Mumbai 5Nov2015 All Rights Reserved

Thursday, November 5, 2015
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Loke Kok Yee 06 November 2015

good enough for me for the same thing goes for me thanks-10

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Seema Jayaraman 07 November 2015

Thank you Loke, glad you liked it.

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Subhas Chandra Chakra 22 March 2016

From now on I resolve to love to love cooking.Cooking can be so humorously delicious, got it now.Thanks dear poet.

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Rajat Jain 10 November 2015

Awesome Seema! Your work inspires me to cook a morning poem :)

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Sanjukta Nag 08 November 2015

Cooking A Morning Poem - a very interesting title and the processing of cooking it is brilliantly narrated. Enjoyed thoroughly.

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Seema Jayaraman 08 November 2015

Thanks Sanjukta, glad you enjoyed.

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Wes Vogler 08 November 2015

Has a nice ring to it although I favour the rhyming poem a 10

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Seema Jayaraman 08 November 2015

Thanks Wes for visting and your comments, I do have a few rhyming ones too, inviting you to read them, some are meant to shock but most deal with nature and its creatures I observe around most probably will like my musings Why Blame Me A Blood Moon, Dawns Aural littany, my baby and a spate of haikus I added recently. Thank you.

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Kumarmani Mahakul 07 November 2015

Rightful phrases minced and diced in this wonderful cooking a morning poem. This is humorous and wisely drafted definitely with expressive emotion.10

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Seema Jayaraman 07 November 2015

Thank you Kumaramaniji.

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