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©Seema Jayaraman, Mumbai 3Oct2015
A magnificent 'gandharva' wedding
Planned in the night sky
Sun, and Moon in groom's attire,

Wide eyed horror, why do you look at me
It definitely is, a human child in a cardboard
So here I am on your facebook post
Pictured a forward, could have been lost

As I held you in my arms, sinewy of all
The anchor, to hold you secure, eternally
Promises, A Father to his child, inscribes
Etched in their souls, spelled through the eyes

As I spring from the community transit
Warm smiles and morning wishes echoing
A deep breath and the view unfolding,
Of winding roads and far off buildings

Sunrise drum windows
dancing thru crystal chimes
few million rainbows
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The warm friendly hand
embracing and encircling you
as the peaceful eternal sleep
come drifting on you

A birthing sun stretched,
outreach of golden fingers
Over the arch of
predawn's auburn wings

I hemmed and wrecked my head
to remember and write out a recipe
to pen the perfect set of words - poetry
toasting each dawn - a tasty savory

A lonely path in life they tread
Pair of eyes that beseech
for that one special sight
for that one and only sound

Swatches of Purple
Scratch corner of eyes
October blooms
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Clandestine anklets
Circus din dark thickets
Carousing - Crickets

Still waters of a large lake
miles long sheet of mirror laid
pale moonlight waltzed with
strings of purple and gold

Maurading toddler
Prising curved eye lashes
Dawns golden ray
- - - -

Dekho Bhaiya, Diwali hai aayi
Jholi bhar kushiyaan hai laayi
Poore bhis din chutti mere bhai
Ghere andhere me roshni hai chai

spinning dreams I lay
dawns rude wakening ray
unspun web of dreams
- - - - - - - - - - - -

Gentle laps underwater
buzzing shadow darkened sky
heralds hovering - dragonfly
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

And yet this unexplainable distance
the roar of this deafening silence
sudden chasm that widens and separates
the gnawing in my heart unexpressed

Will you be there Sone,
When desolateness & loneliness sweeps
and my shoulders bend in defeat
lift my spirits and give some solace

Mummy aaj chutti hai, bolo haan aaj chutti hai
Abhi tho Shanivaar aur Ravivaar, kewal do hi din
Ghar par aap sangh manaye hain
Aaj Somvaar, sapthah ka phela din, chutti ke de do na thum

Her sweet melodious hymn
Ringing from a heavy heart
Another pathetic tune
Woefully rang about her loss

Seema Jayaraman Biography

Apr 2016: Release of my poetry collection Wings Of Rhapsody - A Dalliance of Poems. Mar 2016: My Poetry readings A Father's Grief was hosted along with other eminent international poets during a one hour weekly show on a private radiopod 365Scribble UK. Feb 2016: My Poem Why Blame Me A Blood Moon was hosted and displayed on location at PCafe Stirchley, Brimingham, Uk. 1Dec2015: Chosen " Poet of the Month: December 2015" by UK based Leaveners group at Poet's Corner. https: // By Curator Ciaran Hodgers a renowned and highly experienced Poet. Deeply honored and rendered friends will tell u..impossible me without words.. actually overwhelmed thinking I have restarted my writing barely two months ago in Sep2015. Please do visit Poet's Corner and leave your review comments for my poems to be displayed all of December. Guest #poetry Curator @CiaranHodgers introduces #Mumbai #poet @seemakj24 as December poet! https: // … 23Nov2015: Tonite Im afraid to close my eyes, to welcome sleep, lest I loose my grip on today when today you n I were alive albiet in different parts of the world. My best friend Wing Cmdr Sumita Vijayan passed away in chopper crash in Jammu, she was flying piligrims. She was the bestest lady pilot and friend. Sumi you know we will never say goodbye, I will never let go no matter how far n high u choose to fly. Luv u. U r the only one I know who lived her life the way u wanted to the fullest to the highest, woman of steel queen of silver wings. Before 23Nov2015: Whatever little time I get on PH is used to pelt my musings and upload them on PH. I am not much into technicalities of poetry, am a novice who restarted writing recently in Sep 2015; I work intuitively (call that too lazy to edit or my usual excuse lack of time) .. too lazy to ponder and hold on to the poem and the excitement of posting it right away “piping hot” from my head. For now, I use PH as a scratch pad, lest my light scrawls on sands of mind be erased. someday, I will sit with each etching of mine, roll them around in my mind, file and polish till each word, phrase and rhyme is a " Kohinoor" in shine.. but till then like a greedy treasure hunter, I stretch all my fingers to grab each rough stone as it ferments and tumbles from my head and vanish into nothingness.. I had “A”ced my TOEFL more than a decade ago but have forgotten 95% of the strange quirky words I had learnt, have used English only for my IT related email communications and technical notes, presentations and write-ups so you can understand the limited usage of vocabulary and what it does to original learning's. I have spent some years travelling internationally, mainly to USA thanks to IT job, travelling from East to West. The good side of it, I got to see the mountains and the plains and the amazingly beautiful countryside of USA along with mountain full of snow – a completely new and exhilarating experience for a tropics born and bred Indian girl. Answering a question on how these musings are coming to my head? from the sky? maybe, the trigger was the Kurdi family tragedy two months ago, when international and national media and tv insensitively bombarded the washed up body of the three year old refugee child on a beach. I found the images very disturbing and I ended up penning A Father’s Grief, in a matter of about 2 or 3 hours. I was attempting poetry after nearly 20 years, though in the interim years I did pen a few sporadic ones which again I have uploaded on PH. It was as though someone had taken hold of me and words which I barely knew existed came pouring out. A little background about me; I am very interested in anything esoteric, spiritual, universal consciousness, crystals, nature, mountains, flowers, artistic, aliens, higher dimensions, space travels, futuristic technologies, Hindu temples, mythology and temple architecture and I believe I am free dancing spirit. I like to think of myself as a free cavorting mountain spirit caught in a human body. Instead of technical writings in technical forums which would probably help my career, I find myself writing poetry battling for time. I try to maximize whatever little free days I get by bursting into more frenzied activities which is mainly travelling visiting places nature musings.. My native place is Kerala, in South India a culturally rich hot spot known as God’s own country from where many of our PH seniors come. Kerala is one of the top 10 livable places on earth and must visit during Theyyam season. People around me love me for the bursts of energy, undying quest to visit, travel, share and experience. It is such experiences that is being depicted in my poems.)

The Best Poem Of Seema Jayaraman

Why Blame Me A, Blood Moon

©Seema Jayaraman, Mumbai 3Oct2015
A magnificent 'gandharva' wedding
Planned in the night sky
Sun, and Moon in groom's attire,
Earth bedecked as Bride

destiny wove in good humor,
a velvety dark blue tapestry
and built a celestial altar
studded with bodies heavenly

arrangements, centuries in making
declared a rare sight,
several luminaries, orchestrating
a visual spectacle bright

With autumn season chosen
the equinox for A 'muharat
Planned on a Sunday night
the day of harvest arrived

Seers and the priests, forecasting
As visionaries, bad omens it augurs
predicting an apocalypse, impending
where none or Earth survives

Down on earth Men of wise
wrangled front seat invitations
to witness mysteries of nature
unobscured in a clear sky

Moon being slight in demeanor,
to impress the discerning bride
Puffed his chest, to perigee
crowned himself a Supermoon

Sun knowing his vast stature and size
arrogance over his might
Assumed the center of universe,
for the would be impressionable bride

In hand, a star spangled garland
dame earth coyly at Sun, glanced
then she swayed a wee bit closer
to the widely beaming Moon

As she closed the gap,
earth so deeply shy,
On Moon's face,
cast a deep red dye

Moon all with pride,
did a crimson blush
deep auburn in hue,
Moon was all aflush

Earth made her choice,
that flaming romantic night
with moon in offing a duet
And they came so close,

as Moon bent low, a bow
to place a kiss on earth's brow
with the magic of the moment
In the light of a pyre

Sun showered blessings,
the ever gallant knight
cast all colors of sunrise
the marriage was solemnized

The doomsayer's went on
with their tongues a quibble
waggled their fingers
and proclaimed the dire

they blamed the poor Moon
and called him a Blood Moon,
For luring damsel Earth, beware
for a poor choice she made

they said the warm shade
On Moon's face, portends
future wars, to be fought
By their seeds

On Earth's surface
Days for Men numbered
Fight o'er ill gotten gains
will end in disastrous means

While the newly weds,
stole a moment of eternity
consummated their togetherness
an elopement, on milky white

such was a wedding, that happened
Seen by the romantic's inner eye
a story of love unrecognized
By the poor blind men on earth
Copyright ©Seema Jayaraman, Mumbai 3Oct2015 All Rights Reserved

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Seema Jayaraman 08 September 2015

Appreciate your time and review, most of the time I supress these words that ricochet inside my head, but sometimes they insist on bursting forth. Best Regards seema

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Heenal Vora 03 November 2015

Noce powms... impressive ones...

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Madathil Rajendran Nair 05 November 2015

Smt. Seema Jayaraman writes great poetry. She shocks and marvels. For a shock, read her Trussed Up - Packaged For Delivery. To be marveled, just look at her haikus. I wish her all the best.

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Kumarmani Mahakul 11 November 2015

Seema Jayaraman is Mumbai based an Indian poetess of natural skills and gifted blessing who writes very wise, interesting and nice poems on life, nature and spiritual feelings. I have gone through many of her works those amaze my mind. In spite of her busy life in IT profession she devotes time for literature and art to nourish education. Such a great opportunity she gets and gives to readers with poems of simple expression is very nice and her poems are easy to understand. Always I notice that many of her poems are philosophical in nature and give amazing feeling on pleasant readings. Definitely she is one of the shining stars in the sky of literature to give glitter of light and gem of world poetic community. May God bring lots of happiness for her and family. I wish her all the best for her continuous literary perseverance.

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Bri Edwards 17 November 2015

Seema is relatively 'new' to me and to PH. i have enjoyed several of her poems so far, some of which appear in 'my' November a showcase for PH poets (on my site) . she is a very enthusiastic poet who is chomping at the bit to write more and have people read them. her poetry and poet's notes have shown the soft side of her personality; i don't know if she HAS a 'hard side'. she will enthusiastically thank you, i believe, for any encouragement you offer her. and she is looking for sites on which to publish poems (besides here) , so if any of you have suggestions, i'm sure she would appreciate them. you go, girl! bri :)

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Kumarmani Mahakul 24 October 2018

On behalf of all fellow poets, Poem Hunter Family and our Mahakul Family we offer a title of honour to poetess Seema K. Jayaraman as, Angelic Brightness (दिव्य चमक) . From today onward she will be known as Angelic Brightness Seema K. Jayaraman. This title of honour is offered to her due to her high standard literary perseverance and contribution. We hope, all fellow poets, visitors and people will like this.

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Geetha Jayakumar 01 October 2018

Poetess Seema Jayaraman The more I looked deeper Then I come to know There were the stars Perhaps some shone brighter Amongst all! I just happened to come across your books preview. No wonder it’s beautiful title “Wings Of Rhapsody” caught my attention. From the few poems I read, I feel you have chosen a perfect title.

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Geetha Jayakumar 01 October 2018

Continued... Your poems sing in a variety of topics along with your good command over English, the best usage of metaphors, makes it an interesting read. I have also read you few poems here. You very well portray the mundane thoughts to the beauty of nature. I loved all those poems in book preview. Wishing you many more books come to your credit. All the very best!

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Ranjan Kumar Ghosh 16 September 2017

winderful poem+++++(++(

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Seema Jayaraman 05 December 2015

When all that has to be said has been said silence prevaills.

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One can only help, the ones who acknowledge their need for help; the adamant ones in their blindness will persist in blundering through meanderings, the end goal never reached.

First its a one off, then it becomes somewhat frequent, metamorphose into habit, Soon its an addiction Resulting from an obsession when nothing matters! - - - - - - Seema Jayaraman, Mumbai,19Nov2015

I don't need alcholol, to be high, I'm always on a high. A dash of nature, some mountains and free flowing water, some music and fresh air with a touch of joy de verve is all that is required to get me dancing.

I don't need alcohol to get high, I'm already high on life.

Your double edged sword is contained by my steel sheath..@seemakj24

'To see the invisible, close your eyes and look inside. You will find the inside merges seamlessly with the universe outside enabling the visualisation of the formless'. Seema Jayaraman,16Dec2015

Yes Right. Turn away from the Mirror. Turn away from the person who shows you the mirror. Virtuality is cozier than reality especially when it cradles you in the folds of an old book.

Poetry is my secret sin, my late night affair, clandestinely conducted under covers after dark, with one finger typing verses in my cell..

Writing is a compulsion A driven Expression An Explosion I would have imploded without the outlet of writing Seema K Jayaraman

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