alexandria belle cabilida

Calolot Tambulig ZDS, Philippines
alexandria belle cabilida
Calolot Tambulig ZDS, Philippines
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===i Guess I Moved On===

I feel great when i decided to get over you. It seems like waking up from a bad dream. I'm not considering you as a bad omen though, the feeling..YES!

Everything went bad. All the good things that was started turned out to be as bad as rainy days.It was so sad that all these things happened because they misinterpreted me. All these things happened because it was so awkward for me to talk about my feelings.

I know you did wish that i hadn't felt this way. We could've been friends if i was not so stubborn to pursue the things i want. We could've been so COOL to each other if i have been so easy-come and easy-go. I know i have been so stubborn to move on.I know all of the GUYS want me to be friends with you. Where words are not enough to explain why
i can be in that way with you, i might not be able to agree that, that's what i should do.

I've been wanting and needing to have a friendly feelings with you. To JUST smile at you without them teasing me. To JUST be around you without feeling the TENSE around the room. I would be so happy
whenever you're around.'m not wanting too much, more than what we have. I just want you to be there. I just want you to give me a blooming days. I just want you to lighten up my day. I just want you to be there to make me smile. I just want you to be a FRIEND.

I don't know why they misunderstood me. Is it because i was exaggerating all the things when i said something about you? Is it
because i can't stop smiling when they talked about you? Is it the way i acted whenever you're around? Is it the way i wrote things about you on how you make me feel? or Is it because of all these why they
thought i want you more than FRIENDSHIP?

I didn't mean to let them think like that. I didn't know i made them think what they thought.I didn't know why they think i'm making it a big deal
whenever or every time you're around. It was nothing to me really. The only time that it meant alot to me was when they teased me. I admit I can't get over things that easily. It was nice to talked about it. It felt good to laugh about it. It felt light knowing that i have something to think
about when that day ended.It was bitter-sweet when i realized it will just take a little mute to avoid exchanging thoughts with you. It will take a little blind to avoid looking at you.It will take a little snub to avoid exchanging smile with you.

well, whatever it was.Whatever the things that was left unsaid and unexplained, i guess it was meant to keep as it was. For Closure. For peace of mind. For Better...

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