Alisha Cheng

<I Had Forecast A Lemon Dream≫ - Poem by Alisha Cheng

/By YU Mei

Translator: Alisha Cheng

The fourth translated poem
I had forecast a lemon dream
You can’t expect a wooden bowl to hold a metal bucket of water
Or ride it across the ocean
You can’t expect a farmer who finds food from soil
To entrust his brother and farter to look after his wife
Together with loneliness step on the bondless road
If you let a mouse wear a telescope
Other than seeing rice and a female mouse
The rest is probably the lens itself and its front paws

If the dream can stop a car, then happiness won’t fear bullet train's rear-end


与寂寞一起踏上通 往流浪的漫漫长路
剩下来的恐怕就 是镜片本身和它自己的前爪了


Poet's Notes about The Poem

About the Poet:
Mei Yu, is a famous poet in China now. Many of his works have been published at numerous magazines and newspapers in China. His novel <the thumb on the plateau>, and his Poetry <birds> is collected by Fu Tianhong poetry collection, within the sixty-fifth issue. He is also the one of the Editors of <overseas poetry> of Canada, and <left poetry centre>, the both magazines are published on line in China.

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Poem Edited: Thursday, November 28, 2013