Ramona Thompson

I Hate You - Poem by Ramona Thompson

To move on with my life
To start myself on the road to recovery from a broken
I hope and pray that you will understand
Just why I have to write these words to you
Often times cruel
Often times bitter
But you and I both know that they're right
For all the ways that you wronged me in the past
For the times that you refused the love I offered
For every lie from her lips that believed over mine
I'm sorry babe but it's true
I hate you

Tonight this much I have promised myself
From this confession
From my heart to yours
From the mouth of the babe that you wounded
So fatal
There will be no turning back
No going back or longing for what we could have had
If only you have given me a chance
That one chance
But you did't and so now I wish nothing but the best
Living in the hell that you choose
Her over me
That was your worst mistake
That's why all I have left in my soul to say to you is this
Sad but true
Baby, I hate you

Never thought that one man could hurt one woman
So very much
As much as you hurt me
Over and over and over again
Leading me on
Promising me that one day we would be together forever
When you really never meant a damm thing that you said
Turned my world upside down
Made me someone so vile and spiteful
Someone that I could't even begin to recognize
Once even had me thinking of doing to myself
The unthinkable
Hope that you're proud of yourself
Hope that right now wherever you are
You are suffering just as much if not more then I did
God help me but I hope that you never recover from this
Sad but true
Loverboy, I hate you

Got a new man in my life now
Here with me
Watching as I write to you
This final goodby
Bet that leaves a bitter taste in your mouth does't it
Knowing that someone else has taken the place in my bed
and in my heart
The place that could have been yours
Too bad isn't it?
Choose the wrong woman and now there's no going back
Makes me smile
With an angel's devilish delight
Make no mistake about it lover
I take the greatest of pleasures in your pain
Hoping that it last forever
That never ever again in your life will you be happy
That would surely be my fondest wish come true
For you
The man who broke my heart into a billion million pieces
The man who I thought I could never get over
Here is my last message to you
Sad but you
Double dealer
Cheater, liar and heartbreaker
Try not to look so blue or so shocked
When I say to you
This one last and final time

Sad but oh so damm true

Lover, I HATE YOU!

© 2006 RAMONA THOMPSON (All rights reserved)

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Poem Submitted: Friday, December 1, 2006

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