I Hate You. Poem by Patricia Perez

I Hate You.

Rating: 5.0

I hate the way you dress
I hate that you are a mess
I hate your eyes
I hate your lies.

I hate it when you talk
I hate the way you walk
I hate your smile
I hate your style.

I hate your arms
I hate your charms
I hate your face
I hate your place.

I hate your hands
I hate your plans
I hate the way you think
I hate it when you drink.

I hate when you call
I hate it all
I hate it that you are true
I hate you when I’m blue.

I hate you when you sleep
I hate you very deep
I hate the way you kiss
I hate to be like this.

I hate your touch
I hate you much
I hate myself more
I hate that’s you I adore.

I hate, I don’t hate you a bit
I hate, I will have to admit
I don’t hate you, Not even small
I don’t hate you at all.

Sherice Malcolm 11 January 2009

i love this poem, its just how i feel ive e-mailed it to nearly everyone on my contact list...LOL

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C T Heart 07 January 2009

The more you hate the more you love this applies to your poem. Thanks for the wonderful share of emotions...10+

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Desiree Burdick 07 January 2009

lol u hate them so much that u love them very nice... :)

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